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Scholarships and Financial Aid for School Psychology Students

Funding for School Psychology students

The CSULB is one of the most affordable school psychology programs in the state. Further, students are provided financial aid packages based on their individual needs. In addition, program faulty have secured Federal funding for up to10  students admitted each year for three years, In 2017 an addition 5 students (15 total) will be offered funding from a second federal training grant. In addition, CSULB has a highly selective pilot program that provides free-tuition to “highly competitive applicants, who might otherwise accept an admission offer from another institution.”  This program will fund approximately 3 students in the college based on faculty nominations. Currently, three School Psychology students are being funded by this selective program.  All of the federally funded programs require school psychology students to complete additional training beyond the core school psychology program. So whether on a training grant, selected for the free-tuition pilot program, or just attending the school psychology program with student grants and loans, our students graduate from the school psychology program with highly valued skills and free from a mountain of debt.

Our students are competitive for multiple financial awards during their studies. Following are some of the scholarships, assistantships, fellowships, and grants our students have qualified for.

  • Graduate Student Scholarship (full tuition)
  • Graduate Research Fellowship ($9,000)
  • State University Grant ($6,700)
  • Federal OSEP MTSS Training Grant ($10,000/yr for 3 years)
  • Federal OSEP Transition Training Grant (13,000/yr for 3 years, admitted 2017 only)
  • Summer Student Research Assistantship ($5,200)
  • Hispanic Opportunities for Graduate Access and Retention (HOGAR) Grant ($5,000)
  • College of Education Scholarship ($2,500)
  • Mary Lee Latta Chambers Scholarship ($2,200)
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies Travel Grant ($600)
  • College of Education Student Conference Travel Grant ($500)
  • Associated Students Inc. Travel Grant ($500)