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Dual Language Development

Dual Language Development

"CSULB opened doors for me and my commitment for working with English learners and bilingual students."
-Bonnie Bishop, Consultant, Center for Accelerated Learning

Program Overview

Our interdisciplinary program examines the literacy and language development of native English speakers, bilingual speakers, English learners, and/or speakers of non-standard English in grades K-12, including adult education. Literacy and language issues are examined within a global context.

Program Features

Our unique program features include:

  • Classes meet only 1 day a week in the majority of courses.
  • Hybrid instructional delivery model of online and in-class sessions in the majority of program courses.
  • Fully admitted DLD graduate students who are employed as full-time teachers are eligible for tuition funding through the Teach Grant Program.
  • 3  units (and in some cases 6-9 units, depending on individual background and program) of semester credit can be applied from a teaching credential and TESOL programs towards the required 30 units, thus only 9 classes are typically needed for credential students.
  • A customized program of our course content can be designed to meet a school district's professional development needs.
  • Collaboration with faculty on professional projects specializing in literacy, linguistics, language development, second language acquisition, and English learners.

DLD Master Degree, Credential & TESOL Programs

It is possible to pursue a teaching credential and our master degree program simultaneously with all of the requirements completed within a two-year period. Applicants should demonstrate a second language proficiency, or have completed 6 units of language study, or equivalent. Our program works closely with the Spanish and Asian bilingual authorization credential programs. For additional information regarding the Spanish or Asian bilingual authorization credential (BILA), please visit the BILA website.

Who Should Apply?

Our master degree is a 30 unit (10 classes) program designed for those who have a Bachelor of Arts degree and a teaching credential, or are pursuing a CSULB teaching credential. If you don't hold a teaching credential, then it is important to have experiences related to our specialization.

Our applicants speak a variety of languages such as Arabic, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.  Please contact Dr. Trini Lewis, DLD Coordinator, for additional information.

DLD Graduates' Professional Positions

Additionally, our graduates are highly sought experts and enter professions such as classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, staff developers, and teacher educators.  Our graduates are employed in school districts such as San Diego, San Francisco, Garden Grove, Pasadena, Westminster, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Torrance, Montebello, Anaheim, and Anaheim Union. DLD graduates are also consultants, or hold related positions in the private sector.  Other DLD graduates have obtained work overseas in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Spain. Some also pursue doctorate degrees in higher education and/or work at community colleges and universities.

Dr. Trini Lewis
DLD Program Coordinator
California State University, Long Beach
Department of Teacher Education
1250 Bellflower Blvd, MS 2201
Long Beach, CA  90806-2201
Office:  562.985.2078
Preferred contact method is email
Office Location:  ED2-256