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English Single Subject Program

English Single Subject Program

English Education Coordinator: Professor Kathleen Keirn         Office: MHB-311

Summer 2019 office hours are first come, first served, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. on June 25, August 13, and August 21.



Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the general information about the Single Subject Credential Program (provided in great detail on the SSCP website) before contacting Professor Keirn.  If you have already applied to the university,  please note that Professor Keirn does not have admission information, nor can she  answer general questions about the admission process. Please contact either Enrollment Services or the Single Subject Credential Program directly for admission information.

CSULB undergraduate English Education majors do not need to take EDSS 300G before they graduate with their B.A. degrees.  EDSS 300G is appropriate to take the first or second semester AFTER graduation  AND when students have already re-applied to the university to seek their Single Subject Teaching Credential. 

The Single Subject Credential Program (English). A program in the College of Education that candidates complete to earn their Single Subject Credential in English, which allows them to teach English at the middle and high school levels in the State of California.

English Education. The name of the B.A. option within the Department of English that provides students who plan to pursue a single subject credential in English with subject matter competency. This is also considered  a  subject matter waiver program because it waives students who complete the subject matter coursework in English Education from taking the CSET exam.    Individuals who plan to take the CSET exam in English are expected to have passed the CSET exam before applying to the CSULB Single Subject Credential Program. Additionally, students who do not hold any degrees in English and who also pass the CSET exam are expected to demonstrate to our English program that they have both the depth and breadth in English required in order to successfully student teach.