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Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services (CSS) provides a number of services to support our faculty and learning outcomes.

Classroom Presentation Equipment

Classroom Support Services ensures classroom presentation equipment meets university standards, minimizes system downtime via proactive and reactive maintenance, and provides usage training to faculty and staff to assist in a productive learning environment.

We support all university supported classrooms, lecture halls, and active learning classrooms (ALC). Additional information about ALCs is available.

Equipment Rentals

Classroom Support Services provides equipment rentals and reservations to faculty and staff. Most equipment rentals are for onsite use only; however, offsite usage may be granted via the completion and approval of an Asset Custody form. Equipment availability and reservations may be performed by contacting Classroom Support Services; however, delivery of equipment must be made in person.

Presentation Equipment Setup For Onsite Events

Classroom Support Services provides the delivery, setup, and teardown of onsite presentation equipment for indoor or outdoor events with the proper completion and approval of an Onsite Presentation Equipment Setup Request form.