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Qualtrics - Web-based Surveys

What is Qualtrics?


Qualtrics is a simple and secure web-based survey tool used to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities. It is open to all CSULB students, staff, and faculty.


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Why Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is licensed at the university level making all features available to use to members of CSULB campus. It is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and meets ADA compliance. As Qualtrics maintains data security, it should be the primary tool for CSULB survey administration.

How to Sign-up for Qualtrics

Qualtrics accounts are available for active CSULB students, staff, and faculty. Staff and faculty accounts do not have restrictions.

Student accounts are limited to:

  • Ten active surveys at any given time
  • Twenty total surveys allowed at one time (surveys can be deleted and replaced)
  • 300 allowed responses per survey*
  • 100 allowed questions per survey*
  • 1,000 responses across all surveys (deleting responses do not count towards total)
  • 300 outgoing emails allowed across all surveys*
  • 50 allowed outgoing emails/week*
  • 1 panel is allowed with a maximum of 300 names*
  • A limited collection of accessible survey question types

To sign up for a Qualtrics account connect to:

  • Enter your employee/student ID.
  • If it is your first log in then you will need to agree to the terms of services.
  • You will then be looking at a screen which prompts you to build a survey.
  • To learn how to build a survey please review Qualtrics Training and Resources.

Tutorials and Support

The CSULB-Qualtrics license includes direct support from Qualtrics. This includes website, phone and email support. You can contact Qualtrics with any question at 800-340-9194. You can also email your questions to For advanced discussions of Qualtrics features, you can browse the Qualtrics support website at where you can join the Qualtrics Community as well as take on-demand training courses.

Institutional Data and Terms of Use

California State University, Long Beach has a Qualtrics license allowing faculty, staff and students to use Qualtrics for university-related business. Using Qualtrics for personal, commercial or other non-academic endeavors is not allowed.

Your survey/research may require approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Before starting any survey please consult IRB’s website or IRB directly to determine if IRB approval is required.

Your use of Qualtrics is bound by Qualtrics' Acceptable Use Statement.