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Provost's Message - September 13, 2017 - Parking and Traffic Update

As you know, the West Campus Circle Turnaround is under construction to improve the storm drainage system. The Turnaround is CLOSED to all traffic except Long Beach Transit buses, campus shuttles and construction vehicles. Drivers of private vehicles have ignored posted signage and continued to use the Turnaround, resulting in safety concerns for those working in the area.  It is imperative that all drivers obey directional signage to avoid injury to construction workers as well as traffic accidents.  University Police will ticket drivers who ignore posted warnings regarding road closures or alternative routes.

The construction team has made every effort to develop the best and most practical solutions to mitigate or minimize traffic congestion.  Signage, barriers and marquees are in place to inform drivers of the best alternative routes. Future communications with employees and students will reinforce those safe, alternative routes. Such communications will include social media and other online communication techniques, such as Google Maps and Waze.