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Student Teacher Awarded Teacher of the Month

Published January 6, 2020

To be nominated as Teacher of the Month is an honor for any educator. But perhaps the nomination is even more meaningful when the recipient is a student teacher. Meet Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP) student Katherine Leith. A post-baccalaureate student in her second year, Leith received the Teacher of the Month award at her school site, Parkview Elementary School. Nominated by student voting, the award was announced at a monthly awards assembly in front of the entire school!

Katherine Leith
Katherine Leith

The Urban Dual Credential Program pairs student teachers with master teachers at partner school sites. Leith, who has been working with her master teacher, Susan Stephens, for over a year shared her experience working with a master teacher,

“The student teacher/master teacher partnership provides an opportunity for a student teacher to gain experience practicing teaching strategies with consistent feedback and encouragement from an experienced teacher. A master teacher can provide invaluable insight based on years of teaching and working with many different students and families. I believe that my experience with student teaching was especially valuable and impactful because I had such an amazing master teacher. [Susan Stevens] invited me into her classroom community and treated me as a co-teacher in the classroom."

Congratulations to Parkview Elementary Teacher of the Month and College of Education student, Katherine Leith!