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Mathematics Education Students Present at Teaching Conference in China

Four current students (Cynthia Pulido, Cristina Cortes, Christina Perez, Breanne Ulloa‎) and one graduate (Dunia Zeineddin) of the Mathematics Education master’s program recently attended the 9th Classroom Teaching Research for All Students Conference in Dalian, China with Professor Shuhua An. All five CED participants presented their research and three students also provided exemplary open math lessons for all participants at the international conference. Open lessons serve as a real-time lesson study and professional development in China, in which a selected teacher teaches a class of Chinese children on the stage of a large auditorium, followed by feedback from experts and questions and answers by participants. The CED students’ math lessons were compared to their Chinese counterparts and garnered high commendations. A local TV station also reported on the excellence of the CED participants’ teaching. For the four current students, the trip was funded in part by the President’s Commission on the Status of Women.