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Early Bird or Night Owl, the Library Has You Covered!

Campus Community Update #230

January 29, 2008

Early Bird or Night Owl, the Library Has You Covered!

The University Library has increased its hours several times over the years, and we always have been a leader among CSU libraries in the number of hours when the library is open for service. When hours have been added to the schedule they've typically been at the end, staying open until midnight or until 5 on Saturdays. Now, though, we're responding to student requests for better access before classes begin. Effective with the Spring, 2009 semester the library will open on weekdays forty-five minutes earlier than before, at 7 a.m. "We hope that this extra time at the beginning of the day will make it convenient for our customers to use our collections and services at a time that's best for them," said Roman Kochan, Dean of Library Services; "it's just another way to demonstrate our commitment to being a user-friendly and welcoming place that provides great service to the campus community."