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New Books

The books listed below were received by the library in March 2019. This list is updated on a monthly basis. For up-to-date information, availability, and/or to request an item click on the title to see the item in the library catalog.


Title Author Publisher Publication Date Call Number
Generous thinking : a radical approach to saving the university / Fitzpatrick, Kathleen, 1967- author. Johns Hopkins University Press 2019 AZ182 .F58 2019
The autobiography of Bertrand Russell, 1872-1914. Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970. Bantam 1968, ©1967. B1649.R94 A33 1968
On certainty / Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951, author. Harper & Row 1972 B3376.W563 U313 1972
The secular enlightenment / Jacob, Margaret C., 1943- author. Princeton University Press [2019] B802 .J33 2019
Self-compassion : the proven power of being kind to yourself / Neff, Kristin, author. William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers 2015 BF575.S37 N44 2015
Playful intelligence : the power of living lightly in a serious world / DeBenedet, Anthony T., author. Santa Monica Press [2018] BF717 .D394 2018
Accidental brothers : the story of twins exchanged at birth and the power of nature and nurture / Segal, Nancy L., 1951- author. St Martin's Press [2018] BF723.T9 S434 2018
Under pressure : confronting the epidemic of stress and anxiety in girls / Damour, Lisa, 1970- author. Ballantine Books [2019] BF724.3.S86 D36 2019
Essence of Hinduism / Nikhilananda, Swami, author. Literary Licensing [2011] BL2001 .N5 2011
Women, androgynes, and other mythical beasts / Doniger, Wendy. University of Chicago Press 1982, ©1980. BL2001.2 .O36 1982
Kosher USA : how coke bacame kosher and other tales of modern food / Horowitz, Roger, author. Columbia University Press [2016] BM710 .H675 2016
Dzogchen teachings / Namkhai Norbu, 1938- Snow Lion Publications ©2006. BQ7662.4 .N3356 2006
The art of happiness : a handbook for living / Bstan-?dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935- Riverhead Books 1998 BQ7935.B774 A78 1998
A glimpse of nothingness / Van de Wetering, Janwillem, 1931-2008. Pocket Books 1978, ©1975. BQ9289.5 .V36 1978
The empty mirror; experiences in a Japanese Zen monastery. Van de Wetering, Janwillem, 1931-2008. Houghton Mifflin Company 1975 [1972] BQ9294.4.J3 W4713 1975
Being Catholic in a culture of choice / Rausch, Thomas P. Liturgical Press ©2006. BX1754 .R38 2006
The place of the heart : an introduction to Orthodox spirituality / Behr-Sigel, Elisabeth. St Vladimirs Seminary Press [2012], ©1992. BX382 .B4413 2012
The invention of celebrity : 1750-1850 / Lilti, Antoine, author. Polity Press 2017 CT1011 .L5513 2017
The Whig interpretation of history / Butterfield, Herbert, 1900-1979. Norton 1965 D13 .B8 1965
Writing history essays / Mabbett, Ian W., author. Macmillan Education/Palgrave 2016 D16 .M1185 2016
The decay of western civilisation and resurgence of Russia : between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft / Diesen, Glenn, author. Routledge 2019 D2025.5.R8 D54 2019
Empires of the weak : the real story of European expansion and the creation of the new world order / Sharman, J. C. 1973- author. (Jason Campbell), Princeton University Press [2019] D208 .S53 2019
La France : histoire, socie?te?, culture / Ousselin, Edward, author. Canadian Scholars 2018 DC33 .O97 2018
The world of the salons : sociability and worldliness in eighteenth-century Paris / Lilti, Antoine, author. Oxford University Press [2015] DC33.4 .L5513 2015
Antisemitism : here and now / Lipstadt, Deborah E., author. Schocken [2019] DS145 .L6157 2019
The British in India : three centuries of ambition and experience / Gilmour, David, 1952- author. Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books 2018 DS463 .G53 2018
Senegal abroad : linguistic borders, racial formations, and diasporic imaginaries / Smith, Maya Angela, author. The University of Wisconsin Press [2019] DT549.42 .S65 2019
The gypsies / Fraser, Angus M. Blackwell 1995 DX115 .F72 1995
American settler colonialism : a history / Hixson, Walter L. Palgrave Macmillan ©2013 E179.5 .H59 2013
Undocumented lives : the untold story of Mexican migration / Minian, Ana Raquel, 1983- author. Harvard University Press 2018 E184.M5 M5496 2018
Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Takaki, Ronald T., 1939-2009. Little Brown ©1989. E184.O6 T35 1989
Free the beaches : the story of Ned Coll and the battle for America's most exclusive shoreline / Kahrl, Andrew W., 1978- author. Yale University Press [2018] E185.8 .K2148 2018
Our kind of people : inside America's Black upper class / Graham, Lawrence. HarperCollins ©1999. E185.86 .G644 1999
Shadowboxing : representations of black feminist politics / James, Joy, 1958- St Martin's Press 1999 E185.86 .J35 1999
Naval documents of the American Revolution / United States. Naval History Division. Naval History Division Dept of the Navy 1964-<2013> E271 .U583
The heartbeat of Wounded Knee : native America from 1890 to the present / Treuer, David, author. Riverhead Books 2019 E77 .T797 2019
Fire and fury : inside the Trump White House / Wolff, Michael, 1953- author. Abacus 2019 E913 .W65 2019
Indian Blues : American Indians and the Politics of Music, 1879-1934 / Troutman, John William, author. University of Oklahoma Press 2012 E98.D2 T76 2012
Guided by the spirits : the meanings of life, death, and youth suicide in an Ojibwa community / Allard, Seth, author. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2018 E99.C6 A425 2018
Fixing the books : secrecy, literacy, and perfectibility in indigenous New Mexico / Debenport, Erin, author. School for Advanced Research Press 2015 E99.P9 D326 2015
Quick reference dictionary for athletic training / Bernier, Julie N., 1964- author. SLACK Incorporated [2013] ebook
Getting into graduate school : a comprehensive guide for psychology and the behavioral sciences / Privitera, Gregory J. SAGE [2015] ebook
A clinician's guide to balance and dizziness : evaluation and treatment / Plishka, Charles M., 1966- author. SLACK Incorporated [2015] ebook
Animal movement : statistical models for animal telemetry data / Hooten, Mevin B., 1976- author. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group [2017] ebook
The right hemisphere and disorders of cognition and communication : theory and clinical practice / Blake, Margaret Lehman, author. Plural Publishing Inc [2018] ebook
Hegde's pocketguide to assessment in speech-language pathology / Hegde, M. N. 1941- author. (Mahabalagiri N.), Plural Publishing [2018] ebook
Marine conservation : people, ideas and action / Earll, Robert, author. Pelagic Publishing [2018] ebook
Mechanical design of structural materials in animals / Gosline, John M., author. Princeton University Press [2018] ebook
Animal Musicalities Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening / Mundy, Rachel, author. Wesleyan University Press [2018] ebook
Troublesome science : the misuse of genetics and genomics in understanding race / DeSalle, Rob, author. Columbia University Press [2018] ebook
California greenin' : how the Golden state became an environmental leader / Vogel, David, author. Princeton University Press [2018] ebook
The autobiography of a transgender scientist / Barres, Ben, author. The MIT Press [2018] ebook
Neurotheology : how science can enlighten us about spirituality / Newberg, Andrew B., 1966- author. Columbia University Press [2018] ebook
From snorkelers to scuba divers in the elementary science classroom : strategies and lessons that move students toward deeper learning / Almarode, John, author. Corwin a SAGE Publishing Company [2018] ebook
Strategies for inclusion : physical education for everyone / Lieberman, Lauren J., 1965- author. Human Kinetics [2018] ebook
Proof of collusion : how Trump betrayed America / Abramson, Seth, 1976- author. Simon & Schuster [2018] ebook
Cannabis Consulting Helping Patients, Parents, and Practitioners Understand Medical Marijuana / Parzybok, Ezra, author. ForeEdge [2018] ebook
The talent fix : a leader's guide to recruiting great talent / Sackett, Tim, author. Society for Human Resources Management [2018] ebook
Soft tissue and trigger point release / Johnson, Jane, 1965- author. Human Kinetics [2019] ebook
Recipes for science : an introduction to scientific methods and reasoning / Potochnik, Angela, author. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group [2019] ebook
Photoactive functional soft materials : preparation, properties, and applications / Li, Quan, author. Wiley-VCH [2019] ebook
Writing for publication in nursing / Oermann, Marilyn H., author. Springer Publishing Company [2019] ebook
Critical conversations in healthcare : scripts & techniques for effective interprofessional & patient communication / Clancy, Cheri, 1972- author. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing [2019] ebook
Trouble Talking : The Realities of Communication, Language, and Speech Disorders / Boone, Daniel R. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers {2018] ebook
Waging war : the clash between presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS / Barron, David J., author. Simon & Schuster ©2016 ebook
Adapted Physical Activity An Interdisciplinary Approach / International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity Berlin, Germany), 1989 : issuing body. (7th : Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1990 ebook
Teachings on love Nh?t H?nh Author Parallax Press 2007 ebook
Running mechanics and gait analysis / Ferber, Reed, 1970- author. Human Kinetics 2014 ebook
Persons and personal identity / Kind, Amy, author. Polity 2015 ebook
Smart use of state public health data for health disparity assessment / Lin, Ge, 1959- author. CRC Press 2015 ebook
Healthcare finance : an introduction to accounting and financial management Gapenski, Louis C Author Health Administration Press 2016 ebook
Prosody intervention for high-functioning adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder : enhancing communication and social engagement through voice, rhythm, and pitch / Dunn, Michelle A., 1959- author. Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2017 ebook
Immunity : the evolution of an idea / Tauber, Alfred I., author. Oxford University Press 2017 ebook
Conceptual breakthroughs in ethology and animal behavior / Breed, Michael, author. Academic Press 2017 ebook
The inner life of animals : love, grief, and compassion : surprising observations of a hidden world / Wohlleben, Peter, author. Greystone Books 2017 ebook
The study of behavior : organization, methods, and principles / Hogan, Jerry A., author. Cambridge University Press 2017 ebook
Commonsense Pluralism about Truth An Empirical Defence / Ulatowski, Joseph. author. Imprint Palgrave Macmillan; Springer International Publishing 2017 ebook
Essentials of health care marketing / Berkowitz, Eric N., author. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017 ebook
Cannabinoids and the brain / Parker, Linda, author. (Linda A.), The MIT Press 2017 ebook
Essential reproduction / Johnson, M. H., author. Wiley Blackwell 2018 ebook
Integrating the Participants’ Perspective in the Study of Language and Communication Disorders Towards a New Analytical Approach / Klemmensen, Charlotte Marie Bisgaard. author. Imprint Palgrave Pivot; Springer International Publishing 2018 ebook
Model behavior : animal experiments, complexity, and the genetics of psychiatric disorders / Nelson, Nicole C., author. The University of Chicago Press 2018 ebook
Agents and goals in evolution / Okasha, Samir, author. Oxford University Press 2018 ebook
Social by nature : the promise and peril of sociogenomics / Bliss, Catherine, author. Stanford University Press 2018 ebook
The marsh builders : the fight for clean water, wetlands, and wildlife / Levy, Sharon, 1959- author. Oxford University Press 2018 ebook
Animal personality : the science behind individual variation / MacKay, Jill R. D., author. 5m Publishing 2018 ebook
The rise of yeast : how the sugar fungus shaped civilisation / Money, Nicholas, author. Oxford University Press 2018 ebook
The heart of the brain : the hypothalamus and its hormones / Leng, G. author. (Gareth), The MIT Press 2018 ebook
Science Culture, Language, and Education in America Literacy, Conflict, and Successful Outreach / Schoerning, Emily. author. Imprint Palgrave Macmillan; Palgrave Macmillan US 2018 ebook
Engineering in elementary STEM education : curriculum design, instruction, learning, and assessment / Cunningham, Christine M., 1969- author. Teachers College Press 2018 ebook
Transition denied : confronting the crisis in trans healthcare / Fae, Jane, author. Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018 ebook
After the projects : public housing redevelopment and the governance of the poorest Americans / Vale, Lawrence J., 1959- author. Oxford University Press 2018 ebook
The semiclassical way to dynamics and spectroscopy / Heller, Eric J., author. Princeton University Press 2018 ebook
The third lens : metaphor and the creation of modern cell biology / Reynolds, Andrew S., author. The University of Chicago Press 2019 ebook
The ethnobotany of Eden : rethinking the jungle medicine narrative / Voeks, Robert A., 1950- author. The University of Chicago Press 2019 ebook
Leadership and management in athletic training : an integrated approach / Kutz, Matthew R., author. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019 ebook
In depth sport psychology : reclaiming the lost soul of the athlete / Burston, David Huw, author. Routledge 2019 ebook
Authoritarian Elections and Opposition Groups in the Arab World Buttorff, Gail J. author. Imprint Palgrave Macmillan; Springer International Publishing 2019 ebook
Prosecuting the president : how special prosecutors hold presidents accountable and protect the rule of law / Coan, Andrew, author. Oxford University Press 2019 ebook
A comprehensive guide to budgeting for health care managers / Ross, Thomas K., author. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019 ebook
Improving services for transgender and gender variant youth : research, policy and practice for health and social care professionals / Jones, Tiffany, author. Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2019 ebook
Understanding trans health : discourse, power and possibility / Pearce, Ruth, author. Policy Press 2019 ebook
The savvy investor's guide to pooled investments : mutual funds, ETFs, and more / Baker, H. Kent 1944- author. (Harold Kent), Emerald Publishing 2019 ebook
Older workforces : re-imagining later life learning / Bingham, Domini, author. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2019 ebook
The human tide : how population shaped the modern world / Morland, Paul, author. PublicAffairs 2019 ebook
The globotics upheaval : globalization, robotics, and the future of work / Baldwin, Richard E., author. Oxford University Press 2019 ebook
International business blunders : lessons for future managers / Williams, Densil A., author. Emerald Publishing 2019 ebook
Underground dance masters final history of a forgotten era / Guzman-Sanchez, Thomas. Praeger c2012. ebook
Extended Heredity: A New Understanding of Inheritance and Evolution Bonduriansky, Russell Princeton University Press   ebook
Landmarks in the History of Science : Great Scientific Discoveries From a Global-Historical Perspective Evangelidis,Basil Vernon Press   ebook
The world according to Fannie Davis : my mother's life in the Detroit numbers / Davis, Bridgett M., author. Little Brown and Company 2019 F574.D453 D38 2019
Harvey Milk : his lives and death / Faderman, Lillian, author. Yale University Press [2018] F869.S353 M5453 2018
Endurance : Shackleton's incredible voyage / Lansing, Alfred. Basic Books a member of the Perseus Books Group 2007 G850 1914 .S53 L36 2007
Medieval Islamic maps : an exploration / Pinto, Karen C., author. The University of Chicago Press [2016] GA221 .P56 2016
The new map of empire : how Britain imagined America before independence / Edelson, S. Max, author. Harvard University Press [2017] GA401 .E36 2017
Before color prejudice : the ancient view of Blacks / Snowden, Frank M., 1911-2007. Harvard University Press 1983 GN496 .S65 1983
97 Orchard : an edible history of five immigrant families in one New York tenement / Ziegelman, Jane, author. Harper 2011 GT2853.U5 Z54 2011
Symmetrical and sentimental etudes : dance suite. Eshkol, Noa, author. Published by the Noa Eshkol Foundation for Movement Notation ©2014. GV1587 .E84 2014
Ruth St. Denis : a biography of the divine dancer / Shelton, Suzanne. University of Texas 1990, ©1981. GV1785.S3 S53 1990
Strategies for inclusion : a handbook for physical educators / Lieberman, Lauren J., 1965- Human Kinetics ©2009. GV445 .L54 2009
The anthropology of sport : bodies, borders, biopolitics / Besnier, Niko, author. University of California Press [2018] GV706.2 .B48 2018
No slam dunk : gender, sport and the unevenness of social change / Cooky, Cheryl, author. Rutgers University Press [2018] GV706.32 .C665 2018
In pursuit of excellence / Orlick, Terry. Coaching Association of Canada; Human Kinetics ©1980. GV706.4 .O738
On the halfpipe with-- Tony Hawk / Stout, Glenn, 1958- Little Brown and Co ©2001. GV859.8 .S86 2001
Never ran, never will : boyhood and football in a changing American inner city / Samaha, Albert, author. PublicAffairs [2018] GV956.M6 S34 2018
Broken bargain : bankers, bailouts, and the struggle to tame Wall Street / Day, Kathleen Mary, 1958- author. Yale University Press [2019] HB3722 .D39 2019
Is capitalism working? : a primer for the 21st century / Field, Jacob, author. Thames & Hudson Inc 2018 HB501 .F54 2018
Can American capitalism survive? : why greed is not good, opportunity is not equal, and fairness won't make us poor / Pearlstein, Steven, author. St Martin's Press [2018] HB501 .P3823 2018
Behavioral economics : moving forward / Ghisellini, Fabrizio, author. Palgrave Macmillan [2018] HB74.P8 G45 2018
Marketcraft : how governments make markets work / Vogel, Steven Kent, author. Oxford University Press [2018] HB95 .V646 2018
Reinventing business models : how firms cope with disruption / Volberda, Henk Wijtze, 1964- author. Oxford University Press 2018 HD30.28 .V66 2018
Beyond the champion : institutionalizing innovation through people / O'Connor, Gina Colarelli, author. Stanford Business Books an imprint of Stanford University Press [2018] HD45 .O258 2018
Organizational learning and performance : the science and practice of building a learning culture / Smerek, Ryan, author. Oxford University Press [2018] HD58.82 .S6123 2018
Maid : hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to survive / Land, Stephanie, author. Hachette Books 2019 HD6072.2.U5 L36 2019
A nagging sense of job insecurity : the new reality facing Japanese youth / Genda, Yu?ji, 1964- I-House Press 2006 HD6276.J32 G4613 2006
Menials : domestic service and the cultural transformation of British society, 1650-1850 / Booker, Kristina, author. Bucknell University Press [2018] HD8039.D52 G7135 2018
Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity / Brown, Lester R. 1934- (Lester Russell), WW Norton & Company [2012] HD9000.6 .B774 2012
Building nature's market : the business and politics of natural foods / Miller, Laura J., author. The University of Chicago Press 2017 HD9005 .M46 2017
Digital influence : unleash the power of influencer marketing to accelerate your global business / Backaler, Joel, author. Palgrave Macmillan [2018] HF5415.1265 .B34 2018
Working for respect : community and conflict at Walmart / Reich, Adam D. 1981- author. (Adam Dalton), Columbia University Press [2018] HF5429.215.U6 R45 2018
An introduction to mathematical finance with applications : understanding and building financial intuition / Petters, Arlie O., 1964- author. Springer [2016] HF5691 .P488 2016
The role of credit rating agencies in responsible finance / Cash, Daniel (Law teacher), author. Palgrave MacMillan; Springer Nature [2018] HG3751.5 .C37 2018
Empowering leadership of tomorrow / Praszkier, Ryszard, 1945- author. Cambridge University Press 2018 HM1261 .P735 2018
The digital edge : how Black and Latino youth navigate digital inequality / Watkins, S. Craig author. (Samuel Craig), New York University Press [2018] HN90.I56 W38 2018
Women in Athenian law and life / Just, Roger, author. Routledge 1991 HQ1134 .J87 1991
Fighting the US youth sex trade : gender, race, and politics / Baker, Carrie N., author. Cambridge University Press ©2018 HQ144 .B3295 2018
The philosophy of Mary Astell : an early modern theory of virtue / Broad, Jacqueline, author. Oxford University Press 2015 HQ1595.A7 B76 2015
Philosophizing about sex / Shrage, Laurie, 1953- author. Broadview Press [2015] HQ23 .S488 2015
Beyond shame : reclaiming the abandoned history of radical gay sexuality / Moore, Patrick, 1962- Beacon Press ©2004. HQ76.2.U5 M64 2004
Real queer America : LGBT stories from red states / Allen, Samantha Leigh, author. Little Brown and Company 2019 HQ76.3.U5 A35 2019
Listen, we need to talk : how to change attitudes about LGBT rights / Harrison, Brian F., author. Oxford University Press 2017 HQ76.8.U5 H38 2017
Untangled : guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthood / Damour, Lisa, 1970- author. Ballantine Books [2016] HQ798 .D26 2016
The edge becomes the center : an oral history of gentrification in the twenty-first century / Gibson, D. W. editor. (David-William), The Overlook Press 2015 HT177.N5 G53 2015
Judging victims : why we stigmatize survivors, and how they reclaim respect / Dunn, Jennifer L., 1957- Lynne Rienner Publishers 2010 HV6250.25 .D86 2010
Protecting our kids? : how sex offender laws are failing us / Horowitz, Emily. Praeger an imprint of ABC-CLIO LLC [2015] HV6570.2 .H67 2015
Say nothing : a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland / Keefe, Patrick Radden, 1976- author. Doubleday [2019] HV6574.G7 K44 2019
Who are the criminals? : the politics of crime policy from the age of Roosevelt to the age of Reagan / Hagan, John, 1946- Princeton University Press 2012 HV6789 .H24 2012
The eye that never sleeps : how Detective Pinkerton saved President Lincoln / Moss, Marissa, author. Abrams Books for Young Readers 2018 HV7911.P4675 M67 2018
Life after foster care : improving outcomes for former foster youth / Jones, Loring Paul, author. Praeger [2018] HV875.55 .J656 2018
Sunbelt justice : Arizona and the transformation of American punishment / Lynch, Mona Pauline. Stanford Law Books ©2010. HV9475.A6 L96 2010
Disagreement : politics and philosophy / Rancie?re, Jacques. University of Minnesota Press ©1999. JA71 .R25513 1999
Aristotle's political philosophy in its historical context : a new translation and commentary on Politics books 5 and 6 / Aristotle, author. Routledge 2018 JC71.A41 A754 2018
If we can keep it : how the republic collapsed and how it might be saved / Tomasky, Michael, 1960- author. Liveright Publishing Corporation [2019] JK1726 .T66 2019
The moral conflict of law and neuroscience / Alces, Peter A., author. The University of Chicago Press 2018 K487.S3 A85 2018
Separate : the story of Plessy v. Ferguson, and America's journey from slavery to segregation / Luxenberg, Steve author. W W Norton & Company [2019] KF223.P56 L88 2019
Defending the masses : a progressive lawyer's battles for free speech / Easton, Eric B., author. The University of Wisconsin Press [2018] KF373.R557 E27 2018
A court of refuge : stories from the bench of America's first mental health court / Lerner-Wren, Ginger, author. Beacon Press [2018] KF3828.5 .L47 2018
Hard bargains : the coercive power of drug laws in federal court / Lynch, Mona Pauline, author. Russell Sage Foundation [2016] KF3890 .L96 2016
Rulemaking : how government agencies write law and make policy / Kerwin, C. M. author. (Cornelius M.), CQ Press an imprint of SAGE Publications Inc [2019] KF5411 .K47 2019
Shadow vigilantes : how distrust in the justice system breeds a new kind of lawlessness / Robinson, Paul H., 1948- author. Prometheus Books 2018 KF9223 .R637 2018
State accountability for space debris : a legal study of responsibility for polluting the space environment and liability for damage caused by space debris / Stubbe, Peter (Jurist), author. Brill Nijhoff [2018] KZD3608 .S78 2018
Teach like a pirate : increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your life as an educator / Burgess, Dave, author. Dave Burgess Consulting Inc [2012] LB1027.23 .B87 2012
The wild card : 7 steps to an educator's creative breakthrough / King, Hope, author. Dave Burgess Consulting Inc [2017] LB1027.25 .K56 2017
Remixing the curriculum : the teacher's guide to technology in the classroom / Keefe, Elizabeth Stringer, 1972- author. Rowman & Littlefield [2018] LB1028.3 .K432 2018
The reading strategies book : your everything guide to developing skilled readers / Serravallo, Jennifer author. Heinemann [2015] LB1050 .S45 2015
Critical educational psychology / Vassallo, Stephen, 1976- author. Johns Hopkins University Press [2017] LB1051 .V347 2017
Behavioral support / Janney, Rachel. Paul H Brookes Pub Co ©2008. LB1060.2 .J36 2008
Mindfulness for students / Cottrell, Stella, author. Palgrave 2018 LB1065 .C68 2018
Understanding texts & readers : responsive comprehension instruction with leveled texts / Serravallo, Jennifer, author. Heinemann [2018] LB1573.7 .S476 2018
The writing strategies book : your everything guide to developing skilled writers with 300 strategies / Serravallo, Jennifer author. Heinemann [2017] LB1576 .S343426 2017
The new taxonomy of educational objectives / Marzano, Robert J. Corwin Press ©2007. LB17 .M394 2007
Unforgettable : enabling deep and durable learning / Gray, W. Michael. RESOURCE Publications [2016] LB2331 .G73 2016
Sexism ed : essays on gender and labor in academia / Baker, Kelly author. (Kelly J.), Raven Books [2018] LB2332.3 .B24 2018
Elevating customer service in higher education : a practical guide / Boice-Pardee, Heath, author. Academic Impressions 2018 LB2342.9 .B65 2018
Cutting school : privatization, segregation, and the end of public education / Rooks, Noliwe M., 1963- author. The New Press ©2017 LB2806.36 .R76 2017
Tough liberal : Albert Shanker and the battles over schools, unions, race, and democracy / Kahlenberg, Richard D. Columbia University Press 2009 LB2844.53.U6 K34 2009
Practicing presence : simple self-care strategies for teachers / Lucas, Lisa J., 1964- author. Stenhouse Publishers [2018] LB3013 .L83 2018
Classroom management that works : research-based strategies for every teacher / Marzano, Robert J. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ©2003. LB3013 .M365 2003
Better than carrots or sticks : restorative practices for positive classroom management / Smith, Dominique, author. ASCD [2015] LB3013 .S596 2015
Learning to trust : attachment theory and classroom management / Watson, Marilyn, 1937- author. Oxford University Press [2019] LB3013 .W382 2019
Grading for equity : what it is, why it matters, and how it can transform schools and classrooms / Feldman, Joe, author. Corwin a SAGE Company [2019] LB3051 .F44 2019
College students' sense of belonging : a key to educational success for all students / Strayhorn, Terrell L., author. Routledge 2019 LB3609 .S77 2019
Collaborative teaming / Snell, Martha E. PH Brookes Pubc ©2005. LC1201 .S64 2005
The diversity delusion : how race and gender pandering corrupt the university and undermine our culture / Mac Donald, Heather, author. St Martin's Press ©2018 LC191.94 .M34 2018
Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom / hooks, bell, 1952- Routledge 1994 LC196 .H66 1994
The privileged poor : how elite colleges are failing disadvantaged students / Jack, Anthony Abraham, author. Harvard University Press 2019 LC210.5 .J33 2019
Malala's magic pencil / Yousafzai, Malala, 1997- author. Little Brown and Company ©2017 LC2330 .Y6825 2017
Die Gezeichneten : Oper in 3 Aufzu?gen / Schreker, Franz, 1878-1934. Musikproduktion Ho?flich 2011 M1500.S3865 G49 2011
Goyescas : an opera in three tableaux / Granados, Enrique, 1867-1916. Franklin Classics an imprint of Creative Media Partners [2018] M1503.G71 G7 2018
America on record : a history of recorded sound / Millard, A. J. Cambridge University Press ©2005. ML1055 .M47 2005
The rise of opera / Donington, Robert. C Scribner's Sons ©1981. ML1700 .D67
A chronology of American musical theater / Norton, Richard C., 1953- Oxford University Press 2002 ML1711.8.N3 N67 2002
Cantus firmus in mass and motet, 1420-1520. Sparks, Edgar H. University of California Press 1963 ML174 .S7
Authentic blues : its history and its themes / Springer, Robert, 1946- E Mellen Press ©1995. ML3521 .S67 1995
Rap! : portraits and lyrics of a generation of black rockers / Beckman, Janette. Omnibus ©1991. ML3531 .B4 1991
Fight the power : rap, race, and reality / Chuck D, 1960- Dell Publishing 1998 ML3531 .D2 1998
Music and its secret influence throughout the ages / Scott, Cyril, 1879-1970. Inner Traditions 2013 ML3920 .S366 2013
The 5 o'clock band / Andrews, Troy, author. Abrams Books for Young Readers 2018 ML3930.A53 A3 2018
John Cage. Kostelanetz, Richard, compiler. Praeger [1970] ML410.C24 K7
The Tchaikovsky papers : unlocking the family archive / Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893, author. Yale University Press [2018] ML410.C4 A4 2018
Jacques Offenbach and the making of modern culture / Senelick, Laurence, author. Cambridge University Press 2017 ML410.O41 S38 2017
The heroin diaries : a year in the life of a shattered rock star / Sixx, Nikki, 1958- author. Gallery Books 2017 ML419.S614 A3 2017
Neon angel : a memoir of a Runaway / Currie, Cherie, 1959- !t itbooks ©2010. ML420.C9867 A3 2010
Bob Dylan, the essential interviews / Dylan, Bob, 1941- interviewee. Wenner Books ©2006. ML420.D98 A5 2006
The Bob Dylan albums : a critical study / Varesi, Anthony, author. Guernica 2004 ML420.D98 V37 2004
The Doors / Doors (Musical group) Hyperion ©2006. ML421.D66 D66 2006
Bound for glory / Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967. Plume 1983, ©1971. ML429.G95 A2 1983
Hair : the American tribal love-rock musical / Ragni, Gerome, librettist. Pocket Books 1969 ML50.M1229 H32 1969
The eighteenth-century fortepiano grand and its patrons from Scarlatti to Beethoven / Badura-Skoda, Eva, author. Indiana University Press [2017] ML650 .B33 2017
Toyager : a toy piano method / Baker, Elizabeth Ann, author. Elizabeth Ann Baker [2016] MT248 .B35 2016
The technique of orchestration / Kennan, Kent, 1913-2003, author. Prentice Hall [2002] MT70 .K37 2002
Developing artistic and perceptual awareness : art practice in the elementary classroom / Herberholz, Donald W. WC Brown ©1985. N350 .H47 1985
The power of display : a history of exhibition installations at the Museum of Modern Art / Staniszewski, Mary Anne. MIT Press ©1998. N620.M9 S83 1998
Art of the Northern Renaissance : courts, commerce and devotion / Porras, Stephanie, author. Laurence King Publishing 2018 N6370 .P58 2018
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