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Librarianship Program Overview

Master's Degree and Teacher Librarian Credential Requirements

Nine courses (27 units) are required for the credential: six technology and media courses, two librarianship courses, and Field Experience. Prospective students must apply to CSULB ( ), and be accepted by the university AS WELL AS apply directly to the Teacher Librarian credential or Technology and Media Leadership masters program. Students may apply for credential only, master's degree only, or the two simultaneously.

Credential Requirements (27 units total):

  1. Core Courses (18 units total): ETEC510, ETEC523, ETEC525, ETEC530, ETEC551, ETEC570
  2. Specialization Courses (6 units total): ETEC540 Organization of Resources, ETEC545 Reading for Leisure and Learning (3 units each)
  3. Field Experience (3 units): ETEC 580
  4. Passage of CBEST prior to enrolling in Field Experience
  5. Possession of a valid California teaching credential, elementary or secondary,and completion of coursework prior to enrolling in Field Experience.

Note: Equivalency credit may be allowed for coursework completed at CSULB or other universities prior to enrolling in the Library Media Teacher Services Credential Program. Generally, coursework must have been completed within the past seven (7) years but each request will be evaluated individually by the Credential Coordinator.

Master's Degree Requirements (36-39 units total):

Most applicants earn a credential simultaneously while pursuing the master’s degree, although one may earn the MA WITHOUT getting a credential. The credential and master’s degree program requirements overlap, leaving only three (3) additional course requirements for completing the master’s degree, and passage of the Writing Proficiency Exam. The additional coursework will take approx. 1 year to complete. Coursework must have been completed within the past seven years.

Class Class Description
EDP 520 Quantitative Research Methods in Education OR
EDP 595 Qualitiative Research Methods in Education
ETEC695 Seminar (and comprehensive exam) OR
EDP 698 Thesis (6 units total)