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Program Schedule

Linked here are the library courses for the program. Classes are normally held on Saturdays 8am to 5pm (some meet for a half day); some ETEC courses are offered in the evening (usually once a week). Consult the university schedule for EDP 520 and EDP 595. TL students can plan carefully to take all credential courses on Saturdays.

Matriculated students enroll via telephone or Internet (Student Center or 562.985.2500). Non-matriculated students enroll through University College of Continuing and Professional Education(CCPE) (which may be done through UCES OR during the first day of class).


Spring 2018:

Class Description

ETEC 530 #4678


ETEC545  #10071

ETEC551 #4274

ETEC580 #7638

(section 1) Leadership in Tech and Media at CSULB in EED room 41 with Dr. Adams on Tuesdays at 5-7:45pm

(section 1)  Reading for Leisure and Learning in LA1- room 201 with Dr. Bindman on Saturdays at 1-5pm

(section 1) Education & the Interent t with Dr. Ali Rezaei on Saturdays in EED room 41  9am-noon

(section 2) Teacher Librarian Field Experience with Melissa Rhone-Parris at the field site (need permission to enroll. so contact Dr. Farmer)

ETEC 580 #5668

(section 1) ETEC and TL Field Experience with Dr. Farmer at the field site (need permission to enroll. so contact Dr. Farmer)

ETEC 695 #4160

(section 1) Seminar in Ed Tech in LA1-room 206 with Dr. Farmer on Thursdays 5-7:45pm (by permit)
  EDP 400, EDP 520 and EDP 595 research courses are offered each semester.




  Register with CSULB as a graduate student (to be accepted for fall); also need to submit a supplementary application to the program
First Semester If accepted into the MA program, clear your writing proficiency or take the GPE (writing) test (GPE Information)
  File for spring or summer fieldwork (562-985-4509), Credential (562-985-4109) or MA degree for comprehensive exam/thesis (562-985-8476)
  File for summer or fall fieldwork (562-985-4509), Credential (562-985-4109) or MA degree for comprehensive exam/thesis (562-985-8476)

Usually two credential and one MA-only course are offered each semester; typically the same course is offered yearly.  You may take most courses in any order (ETEC 551 precedes ETEC 570); except ETEC 580 is taken last.
The schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE:  ETEC 580 (field experience) are usually offered each semester by permit.

Enrollment and program details:

  • You must develop an eportfolio that demonstrates that you meet the state and NCATE library media teacher standards.
  • You may take TL courses from other accredited programs (e.g., UCLA, SJSU-Fullerton); Dr. Farmer must approve it BEFORE the course starts; make a copy of the college catalog description. The course must be graduate level and graded on a traditional (A, B, C...) basis. FOR M.A. DEGREE, UP TO 9 CREDITS (including Open University) MAY BE TRANSFERRED.
  • You may take the curriculum course from CSULB or other accredited institutions (e.g., CSU or UC systems); let Dr. Farmer know BEFORE the semester of the course if it's an institution outside CSULB, and make a copy of the college catalog description for her approval. (Chapman and Univ. of Phoenix won't be accepted, for example.)
  • Courses taken within the last 7 years MAY be eligible for transfer/equivalency. Dr. Farmer must review these courses. This holds especially for the curriculum and research methods courses.
    Registration Information (see details in schedule of classes booklet):
  • Early registration is for students admitted to CSULB before Oct. 1; it's done via the Web using a personal PIN number. It's usually a couple months before the next semester.
  • Open registration is for continuing students and students admitted to CSULB is also done via the Web. Timeline is up to the starting date of the semester.
  • Late registration starts two days after the beginning of the semester. A late fee is added.
  • Students may take ONE (or two, counting summer) course through Open University/Extension before being admitted to CSULB AND the TL program.
  • Installment payment plans are available (3 and 4-payment times); a handling fee is added.
  • Basic graduate fees ($2447) include the right to take up to 6 units per semester. You also get an ID card and health services. The ID card enables you to check out materials from ANY CSU library.
  • If a student plans to apply for educational leave (not take a class one semester), a request form must be completed at least 2 months before the intended semester. Contact enrollment for information (562-985-5471). (Summers don't count.) Up to four leaves are permitted; otherwise, the student must reapply to be admitted to CSULB.
  • For other information about campus policies, advisement services, learning assistance, and appeal procedures, consult the CSULB catalog and schedule of classes (

Field Experience (ETEC580):

  • 90 hours is required: 45 hours at a high school/middle school and 45 hours at an elementary/MS.
  • Up to 45 hours may be credited for present library work experience; you must complete and return the relevant equivalency form to Dr. Farmer.
  • ETEC580 must be done after 21 credits have been completed. You may begin work towards your hours the semester PRIOR to the class, but you must have approval of the site/supervisor, and Dr. Farmer needs to talk/plan with you and the TL at that time.
  • You may register for a semester's ETEC580 course and complete work in the following semester BUT you will get an incomplete for that beginning semester.
  • Field experience must be done at a site with a credentialed TL. Often district librarians will need to OK the placement as well as Dr. Farmer. CHECK.
  • You may request the placement and talk with the potential supervising LMT, or you can have Dr. Farmer do the placement.

Technology: A working knowledge of technology is assumed for all coursework: word processing, databases, spreadsheet, presentation, email, Internet searching. You will need access to a computer with Internet access (either on campus, at your work site, home, friend, public library, or other...) Each course will have an online component. Most courses are mounted on BeachBoard ( A few courses may be available completely online.

MA in Education, Option in Technology and Media Leadership (application code #ED_PMA05):

  • Deadline for application is found at the Graduate Office website.
  • Degree includes 3-4 courses beyond the credential (depending on student's statistical background): ,EDP 520  or 595 Research Methods *with research methods overview prerequisite), ETEC 695 Seminar withcomprehensive exam (3 units) OR EDP Thesis (6 units)
  • There are several additional deadlines: you must:1) demonstrate writing proficiency, such as taking the Graduate Proficiency Exam (GPE) by the end of the first semester that you are accepted (GPE Information); 2) submit an "Advancement to Candidacy" form after completing 6 units in the program; 3) submit an "Application to Take the Comprensive Exam" form AND a "Request to Graduate" form by Oct. 1 the semester before you plan to graduate.
  • More information is available at:

Library Emergency Permit:
This is issued from the credential processing center; your district requests one for you as needed. To renew it, you need to take 6 units during the year and enroll in a teacher librarianship credential program. The units must be documented (grades) with a credential center (such as CSULB's in ED1-room 42 / 562-985-4109) so it can be sent in for renewal. Each renewal is for one year, and you may renew 2 times. You may also contact the credential center at

Questions?: contact Dr. Farmer at (562) 985-4509/ LA1 room 203A, office hours by appointment; Graduate Office (for MA): 562-985-8476.
Program Web site: CSULB LMT
Teacher Librarian standards: CTC Library Media Information