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Dr. Jacob Olsen Publishes in Journal of Counseling & Development

Published March 10, 2020

Dr. Jacob Olsen has recently co-authored an article examining the relationship between school counselors and how they interpret their ability to support students. The article, "Self-Efficacy for Enhancing Student Career and College Readiness: A Survey of Professional School Counselors" was published in the Journal of Counseling & Development.

Dr. Jacob Olsen
Dr. Jacob Olsen

Grounded in Bandura’s (1997) self‐efficacy theory and Savickas’s (2011) career construction theory, this study examined school counselors’ beliefs about whether they can perform specific tasks related to supporting students’ career and college readiness. A national sample of school counselors (N = 2,047) completed the School Counselor Self‐Efficacy for Enhancing Student Career and College Readiness Scale (Baker, Parikh‐Foxx, & Martinez, 2017). Findings from a survey research design indicated that the extent of related training and the challenges associated with implementation of career service delivery were of concern to participants. Recommendations for training, practice, and further research are presented.