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Jacob Olsen

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Ph.D. in Counseling - University of North Carolina Charlotte

M.Ed. in School Counseling - Seattle Pacific University

Research Interests

My research agenda is focused on:

     1. School counselors’ role in and use of Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)

     2. Comprehensive school counseling program implementation

     3. School counselors role in supporting students career and college readiness

Representative Publications

Olsen, J., Preston, A., Algozzine, B., Algozzine, K., & Cusumano, D. (2017). A review and analysis of selected school climate measures. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas.

Olsen, J., Parikh-Foxx, S., Flowers, C., & Algozzine, B. (2017). An examination of factors that relate to school counselors’ knowledge and skills in multi-tiered systems of support. Professional School Counseling, 20(1), 159-171.

Olsen, J. (2017). Evaluation within PBIS implementation. (PBIS Forum 17 practice brief, December 2017) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports National Forum. Chicago, IL.

Eppler, C., Olsen, J., & Hidano, L. (2009). Using stories in elementary school counseling: Brief, narrative techniques. Professional School Counseling, 12, 387-391.

Representative Presentations and Trainings

Olsen, J. (2018). Strategies to align school counseling interventions with tier 2 supports. High School PBIS Symposium, Irvine, CA.

Olsen, J., & Lopez, C. (2018). Strategies for school counselors to use data to plan career and college readiness supports for all students. Linked Learning Convention, Anaheim, CA.

Lopez, C., & Olsen, J. (2018). Expanding the sustainability of linked learning through integrated student supports: A discussion of current policies and practices related to school counseling programs. Linked Learning Convention, Anaheim, CA.

Olsen, J., Bodger, C., & Santos, R. (2017). Designing district evaluation reports of PBIS implementation. National Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support PBIS Leadership Forum, Chicago, IL.

Olsen, J., & Lopez, C. (2017). Linked Learning and school counseling. Middle and High School Training, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District, Norwalk, CA.

Olsen, J. (2017). Using data and evidence-based practices to provide targeted interventions. Presentation at the California Association of School Counselors conference, Riverside, CA.