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Advising for Current Students


All undergraduate freshmen are required to attend a mandatory freshman advising workshop both in the fall, to plan for spring registration and in the spring, to plan for fall registration. Students have received an email invitation to register for their spring advising workshop

Undeclared freshmen must also attend workshops on Exploring Majors and Career Development in spring, and complete seven online advising modules throughout the year. The advising modules are linked below.

Fall Advising Modules:

Module #1: Finalizing Enrollment

Module #2: Beyond Open Enrollment

Module #3: Academic Success

Module #4: Navigating Your Degree

Spring Advising Modules:

Module #5: Policy Review & Email Etiquette

Module #6: Requirements to Graduate

Module #7: Preparation for Spring Advising

When to See a UCUA Advisor

Undergraduate students should consult a UCUA advisor for:

  • information about Major Specific Declaration Requirements and the major declaration process,
  • assistance in identifying or exploring a new major,
  • advice about degree progress or fulfilling university requirements
  • clarification of academic standing and academic probation policy
  • help in understanding academic disqualification and strategizing reinstatement to CSULB.

When to See Your College or Department Advisor

Students with questions about their major requirements are encouraged to contact their college or departmental advisors. In MyCSULB, undergraduate students can quickly identify the advising resource best suited to assist them. After logging in to MyCSULB, a box can be found on the lower right-hand side of the Student Center labeled "Advisor." Click the details link to find advisor contact information.

Students should track degree progress by utilizing tools found in MyCSULB and regularly meet with academic advisors to ensure that they are making timely progress toward degree completion.