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Bus to Campus

Take one of the many bus routes to campus with the Long Beach Transit TAP Pass. Go green, avoid permit fees, traffic and the stress of finding a parking spot when arriving on campus. 

This program provides unlimited rides on all Long Beach Transit buses for 75% off the regular LBT student rate. Currently enrolled students or full-time benefitted employees* who are actively employed by the university qualify for the program. You can plan your trip by using

*Auxiliary employees should check with their Human Resources department to verify eligibility status.

LBT Fee Waiver

The Hardship Fee Waiver for Long Beach Transit was created to ensure that CSULB transportation services remain inclusive to all students. Eligible students will receive a $40 transportation fee waiver for unlimited LBT services during the current semester. For more information, please visit LBT Hardship Fee Waiver.

Semester Passes

First-time participants of the LBT program must purchase their passes at the Cashiers window where TAP sticker will be programmed and affixed to your campus ID. Those who participated in this program in the previous semester may purchase the LBT pass via the CSULB parking portal during the weeks preceding the following semester and several weeks after the start of the semester. Please note, the effective dates listed on the Select Permit page of the parking portal will reflect the previous term’s dates. Effective dates will be updated after purchase. To review the renewed dates, select Permits > View Your Permits.

After obtaining the LBT pass, be sure to utilize it within 25 days to avoid service interruption.

LBT services are highly-subsidized by the university and are offered to students/employees at over 75% off the normal student pass rate of $40/month (or $200/semester).

LBT prices (FY 2019-2020)

Type Price Effective Dates
Fall 2019 $40 8/17/2019-1/19/2020
Spring 2020 $40 1/20/2020-5/24/2020
Summer 2020 $30 TBD

IMPORTANT NOTES: LBT Pass purchases are nonrefundable. Please contact the Cashiers Office for additional information.

Eligibility for the LBT Pass is assessed periodically. As a result, pass privileges may be disabled if participants’ enrollment status changes mid semester.

TAP Stickers

The TAP sticker is affixed to your Beach ID card and provides access to the Long Beach Transit buses.

First-time participants who reside in Beachside must first visit ID Card Services Office located in the University Bookstore. A newly designed Beachside ID card must be obtained prior to visiting the Cashiers Office to purchase the TAP sticker and pass.

First-time participants must visit the Cashiers window in Brotman Hall to purchase the physical TAP sticker for a one-time fee of $5. Once purchased, the TAP sticker does not have to be purchased again unless lost, stolen, or there is a gap in participation (e.g. opting out of in a given semester and opting back in the following semester).

Lost ID or lost TAP sticker? New or replacement TAP stickers can be purchased for $5.

Travel from Los Angeles and Orange County

Coming to Campus from Los Angeles: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

The MTA 577 Express comes directly to the campus, and the Metro Blue Line train comes to downtown Long Beach, where riders can transfer to a Long Beach Transit bus to complete their trip to campus. Plan your trip by visiting or calling 800.COMMUTE.

Coming to campus from Orange County: Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA)

OCTA Routes 50, 60 and 560 come directly to campus. Route 1 offers a beautiful and relaxing ride down Pacific Coast Highway from Dana Point to CSULB. Route 50 will take you from campus directly to Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, or The Honda Center. Route 60 and 560 provide a direct connection from Leisure World to campus. CSULB students taking 9 units or more may apply for a discounted OCTA pass. More information on this program is available at OCTA College Pass. Plan your trip by visiting or calling 714.636.RIDE.

LA Metro Student Discount

The LA Metro U-Pass is a reduced-fare transit pass offered through CSULB. This pass offers enrolled students unlimited rides on most LA Metro light rail and bus services within the larger LA area including six other transit agencies. For full information, please visit LA Metro U-Pass (student discount).