Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CSULB provides programming and mentoring designed to unlock the creative energy of students, faculty, staff, and the community that engages stakeholders across campus and in the community focused on the common goal of innovation and entrepreneurship. The primary objective of the Institute is to leverage all this energy and entrepreneurial capital into a driving force for economic development for the greater Long Beach community. Creating economic opportunities will support long-term economic growth that is sustainable and improves the lives of all members of our community, the economy and the greater environment where we live.

Establishing the Institute brings the structure necessary to create something that transcends the positive outcomes of individual actions. Providing leadership to generate new programming and support existing programs that have organically evolved on campus and in the community will result in an exciting and dynamic culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for all of Long Beach!

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Dr. Wade Martin, Director of CSULB Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, discusses the economic blueprint for the City of Long Beach which supports entrepreneurs and small businesses.