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Understanding the Question Library

The Question Library is a central, shared repository of the questions you create, copy, and import. By creating questions in the Question Library, you make them available to be imported into any number of quizzes, surveys, and self-assessments. Use the Question Library to build an archive of questions that can be reused and shared, thus avoiding the tedium of re-inputting shared questions. The Quizzes, Surveys, and Self-Assessments tools share the questions stored in the Question Library. The questions that can be accessed by these tools are dependent on the tool type. Certain question types cannot be used by some tools. For example, surveys cannot use all question types. To access the Question Library, click Quizzes and select the Question Library tab.

Manage Quizzes tab


By default, the Question Library displays two panels. The panel on the left is the Section Sidebar that outlines the filing structure of your library. The right side (which takes up the majority of the page) is your workspace. You can click on any item in the Section Sidebar or your workspace to either enter or edit that item.  As you move through your Question Library, locations in the Section Sidebar will be highlighted in blue. This indicates what page you are looking at in your workspace. The heading of the workspace also indicates which section you are in your Question Library.

Quiz question library

Changing the Display Settings

We recommend leaving the Section Sidebar enabled since it will help you to quickly navigate through your library. This sidebar can also help you visualize how your library is organized. If you wish to remove this panel, click on Settings on the upper right of the page. 

Quiz display settings

The Settings pop-up will you give you two display options. Uncheck Show Sections Sidebar to disable this feature. You will also notice another option labeled View actions in pop-up. This option will tell the interface to create a new pop-up window whenever you take some sort of action in the Question Library (akin to how a new window popped up when you clicked Settings). This feature is disabled by default, but if you wish to enable it, check the box. Be sure to click Save after making your adjustments.

Creating New Sections

We recommend creating thematic sections in your Question Library to help organize your questions and streamline the quiz creation process. Think of the sections in the Question Library as file folders in which you can store and organize groups of questions. For example, you might create a section where you house all of your multiple choice questions or a section containing all questions related to a specific topic, such as "Theoretical Fundamentals." Having your questions organized in sections is also useful when you create a quiz. Instead of importing the questions one at a time you can import a whole section of questions into a quiz at the same time.

  1. Click the New drop-down menu and select Section. Notice how the new section is added to the Section Sidebar.
    Create new section in question library
  2. Enter a name for the section.
  3. Enter a message for the section. Users will see this message when they enter this section in a quiz.
    New quiz section details
  4. Enter private notes in the Private Comments section.
  5. Add an image by clicking Add a File. You can also enter a description of the image.
    New quiz section private comments
  6. Display Options lets you determine what users see when they enter this section in a quiz.
    1. Shuffle questions in this section: Enabling this option shuffles questions only in this section. Questions in this section will not be randomized into other sections included in the quiz.
    2. Show section name: Display the name you entered for the section.
    3. Insert a break line after section name: Users will see a break line after the section name in the quiz.
    4. Display message and image: If you entered a message, image, and/or image description, each one will be displayed to users. If enabled, select whether to display the section message and image either once or before each question in the section.
      Quiz section display options
  7. Click Expand/Collapse Section Feedback to write feedback specific to the section of the quiz.
    Quiz section feedback

Creating/Importing Questions

Creating New Questions

You can create questions anywhere in your library. Go into any location in your library, click the New drop-down menu and choose any type of question you would like to create.

Quiz question types

For more information on creating quiz questions, please see the Creating Quiz Questions support page.

Importing Questions

Click the Import drop-down menu. Notice that there are two options: Upload a File and Browse Existing Questions.

Importing quiz questions

Uploading a file allows you to import questions from a CSV template. Simple drag and drop your CSV file into the designated area. Alternatively, you can browse your computer and select the file. You will also notice an option download a template detailing how to structure your questions within the spreadsheet. Once you finish putting the questions into the CSV, save that file and upload it into the Question Library.

After uploading the file, the system will tell you how many questions were found and notify you of any errors in the CSV. Click Review to look at all of the recognized content. 

Import quiz question review

Check the boxes next to each question you wish to import. You can also review any question by clicking on the preview icon next to it. Click Imported Recognized Content to complete the import.

import quiz question confirmation

You can also import questions from Respondus, a software application commonly used to create questions offline. If you are attempting to convert an existing Respondus file from WebCT or Blackboard, you must convert it to QTI before importing it into Learning Environment. You should save this new file under a new file name if you want to keep the quiz file under the original personality for future use.

Managing the Question Library

Once you have all of your content built out in your library, there are a few actions you can take to make quick adjustments to how the library is structured. Each of these options are displayed above where the content is listed in the workspace area.

manage question library

Moving Items in the Question Library

  1. Select any number of items by checking their respective boxes.
  2. Click the Move option.
    Moving items in question library
  3. Select which section you would like to move the item(s) to. 
    Select section while moving a quiz item

Deleting Items

  1. Select any number of items by checking their respective boxes.
  2. Click Delete.
    deleting quiz items
  3. Confirm that you want to delete those items by clicking Delete in the pop-up window.
    Delete quiz items confirmation

Reordering Items

  1. Click the Order.
    Reordering quiz items
  2. Check the box next to any item(s) you wish to reorganize.
  3. Use the arrows on the right to adjust the order of that item.
  4. Click Save once you are satisfied with the new order.
    Save quiz item order

Editing Values

  1. Check the boxes next to any number of questions in the question library.
  2. Click Edit Values.
    edit quiz item values
  3. From this screen, you can adjust the point values and difficulty of any of the selected questions. You can also determine whether the question must be answered by checking the respective box under the Mandatory column.
  4. Click Save once you are done. 
    Save quiz item values