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Rideshare FAQ


What is the purpose of the Rideshare Zones?

The Rideshare Zones were established to reduce congestion, prioritize safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, and support the mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the number of single occupancy commutes to campus. 

Will I still be able to get a Lyft or Uber from anywhere on campus?

The new Zones were established to design an organized system of pick-ups and drop-offs at the CSULB campus. When you request a ride to or from the CSULB campus you will be able to choose from eight locations for a pick-up or drop-off. You will not be able to adjust the pick-up location from the Lyft or Uber App. 

Can I use these Zones for getting dropped off or picked up on campus without using Lyft or Uber? 

Yes, the Zones are designed to accommodate pick-ups and drop-offs for personal vehicles as well as for Lyft, Uber, and other Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and App-based ridesharing services. 

 How many Rideshare Zones are there, and where are they located?

You can view all eight Rideshare Zones here.

 How do people with disabilities access the Rideshare Zones? 

Yes, each Rideshare Zone is located near an accessible ramp to provide access to those with disabilities. Please visit the Bob Murphy Access Center for more information on services available to disabled students.