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Engineering Student Success Center

Studying engineering is challenging. But help is as close as the Engineering Student Success Center in EN-2. The CSULB College of Engineering has assembled the resources and support you need to succeed in your chosen engineering discipline.

Students in classroom setting

Advising: Learn about campus policies and receive advice on course selections. (EN2-304A)

Tutoring: Get help from tutors who've taken the same classes. (EN2-304A)

Peer Mentoring: Receive freshmen and transfer EXCEL peer mentoring. 

Professional Development: Attend a workshop to prepare for your exciting engineering career. (ECS-601)

Graduate Assistance: Visit the Graduate Student Success Center for information on admission, courses, majors, and graduation. (VEC-128A)

Thesis Help: Visit the Writing Communication and Resource Center for guidance on presentations and writing and formatting research papers. (VEC-128B)

Library Research Assistance: Connect with research sources at the Dudley Library. (EN2-109)

K-12 Outreach: Participate in the many programs to encourage future engineers at The Beach. (EN2-302)