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Upcoming Exhibition

lauren woods, The Evidence of Things Unseen#2 (Your Gonna), 2016
lauren woods, The Evidence of Things Unseen #2 (You're Gonna), 2016

lauren woods: Monument

September 17  December 9, 2018 
Opening Reception: September 16, 4 - 6 p.m.

The University Art Museum (UAM) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is presenting a major artwork by artist lauren woods, to be “unveiled” in September 2018. The artist will transform the museum into a monument that prompts consideration of the cultural circumstances under which African-Americans have lost their lives to police brutality. The new-media monument provides a vehicle by which to analyze the complex relationship between constructed race, material violence and structural power.

Funding for this exhibition has been provided by the Mike Kelley Foundation. 

Lauren woods is a conceptual artist whose hybrid media projects—film, video and sound installations, public interventions and site-specific work—engage history as a lens by which to view the socio-politics of the present. Challenging the tradition of documentary/ethnography as objective, she creates ethno-fictive documents that investigate invisible dynamics in society, remixing memory and imagining other possibilities. She also explores how traditional monument-making can be translated into new contemporary models of commemoration with new media. 

More information on lauren woods: Monument.

More information on lauren woods's monument projects, please view her Facebook project page.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Call and Response, When We Say... You Say

January 28 – April 14, 2019 

Call and Response, When We Say… You Say is a multi-disciplinary exhibition focused on selective works from UAM’s permanent collection guest curated by Slanguage Studio founders Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra, Jr. The exhibition will ask Slanguage artists and other community art organizations to respond to these pieces. The intent of this exhibition is to find intersections, value and resonance with the collection of artwork with new generations of audiences and the student population. The meaning of the exhibition title, Call and Response…, is inspired by this act in many cultures such as in tribal and indigenous, traditional religious, cultural rituals or in most contemporary practice in music genres such as Hip Hop. The act of call and response most importantly asks for an active participatory engagement of both the “caller” and “the responder” and it renders a democratic forum for discussion and civic engagement. It also creates an individualistic but also collective language of communication. The curatorial drive for the exhibition has been to select works that engages the six pedagogical points that Slanguage has developed in their organization: Intent, content, context, production, distribution and documentation and that is uses diverse use of genres.