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Lot 7 (E8) Expansion

Published February 1, 2017

Lot 7 is a Restricted Parking lot for faculty and staff parking, however these spaces become open to students with valid virtual permits after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

The new Lot 7 now features expanded parking areas including 152 new parking spaces along with a number of sustainable construction features. There are now dedicated clinic parking, Short-Term parking, disabled parking spaces and Official Guest of the University parking spaces located in the South Turnaround. This project also includes large expansions to South Campus Drive, the South Turnaround, and East Campus Drive that improve safety and expedite traffic flow in these areas.

Other construction features:

  • Upgraded parking pay stations
  • Two new sustainable practices were used for the first time on campus in the construction of Lot 7:
    • Bio-swales:A sustainable storm water management system using a section of engineered soil to clean water runoff prior to its entry into the storm drains.
    • Pervious concrete: A porous concrete that allows storm water to pass through the concrete and also cleans contaminants from the storm water prior to the water being redeposited into the ground.
  • Upgraded ADA access points and routes from all areas of Lot 7 and also from East Campus Drive, South Campus Drive, Theater Arts building and public transportation ingress points. An improved ADA drop zone was also incorporated in the South Turnaround.
  • Infrastructure install for solar photovoltaic systems in preparation for future solar panels and EV Chargers.
  • Previous landscaping replaced with drought-tolerant vegetation.

We are excited about the completion of this parking improvement project and we look forward to continuing to improve your parking experience on campus.

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