Equity & Diversity

The Office of Equity & Diversity

Equity & Diversity reviews and investigates allegations of Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation as it relates to protected status* as well as Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Dating/Domestic Violence, and Stalking at CSULB. 

Equity & Diversity also handles accommodations for employees, including student workers, at the University, provides trainings to campus constituents, and manages related Federal and State legal compliance requirements for students, employees, and University third parties.

*Protected statuses include: Age, Disability, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Genetic Information, Marital Status, Medical Condition, Nationality, Race or Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Veteran or Military Status 



Student complaints are governed by California State University Executive Order 1097 (PDF).

Resources available for students include:

Employees & Third Parties

Employee & Third Party complaints are governed by California State University Executive Order 1096 (PDF).

Resources available for employees include:

Complaint Process

To file a complaint with Equity & Diversity please contact our office. During our process a Complainant must provide the details of their complaint, including a detailed summary of the incident, the name of the Respondent (accused party) or Respondents, potential witnesses, and any relevant documents or evidence.

Complainants may choose to resolve their complaint through the Early Resolution process, in which Equity & Diversity will work with the Complainant to determine appropriate remedies to their concern.

Alternately, a Complainant may choose to initiate an investigation.