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Golden Graduates Spotlights

Michael A. Barnes
I found an extremely professional and knowledgeable faculty and a challenging curriculum, all of which provided a very supportive and effective learning environment.  The education I gained proved to be foundational to my successful career development as a senior law enforcement executive and senior Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer. 
Murray Dailey
My most memorable experience of LBSC was to help establish the Marine Biology degree program in the Department of Biology. Also being the first Director of the six campus Ocean Studies Institute that I helped to create.
Joyce Ricci
I was involved with activities within the physical education department and was a member of the Physical Education Club.  Dorm activities were always fun, since we were all new to campus.  It was a great way to meet friends.
Keung Luke
I totally appreciate the teacher-scholar combination at LBSC. I had a number of memorable experiences.
Julie Casaletto
When I first started college, I knew there was a lot for me to learn. By the time I had earned my first degree, I was aware of how much more there was to learn and that I had only scratched the surface. Education is the key.
Earl Beecher
I took great joy in knowing that as a professor I could help develop them both professionally and academically. I love to see people grow and succeed. I was able to see the campus grow into the establishment it is today.