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Golden Graduates Spotlights

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Phyllis Goodwin
GOLDEN GRADUATE - I was thrilled to be attending college full time. I loved the exchange between most professors and me and my fellow students. My Senior Seminar, supposedly limited to twelve students, had to be held in a Lecture Hall because the class enrollment was well over one hundred students. What an experience that was!  
Elbert Segelhorst
GOLDEN FACULTY - Long Beach was an excellent state college that was able to compete with national universities in terms of higher education and opportunities. The interpersonal connections made between professors and students was invaluable to making the college such a success. 
Mary Jo Lass
GOLDEN FACULTY - I decided to work at LBSC because of the chance to use my expertise at local, state, and national levels of academia. I was impressed with the interview process and faculty. My first assignment while at LBSU consisted of four courses of Elementary school in American Society; it was very broad and interesting.
Jean McHatton
GOLDEN GRADUATE - CSULB has a wonderful education department now and back in the ‘60’s. In addition, by using the job placement office at CSULB, I got a job as a teacher assistant in Long Beach Unified School District during my junior and senior years, that additionally prepared me for my teaching career.
David Carlberg
GOLDEN FACULTY - I decided to work at LBSC because of the opportunity to teach in a rapidly advancing field. Microbiology has been the foundation of nearly all advances in genetics and molecular biology in the last six decades.
Ken Dillard
GOLDEN GRADUATE - I went through the interviewing process with a number of companies who were interviewing on campus and I accepted an Engineering position with Rockwell International in their Seal Beach facility where the Second Stage of the Saturn Rocket was designed and built which took the USA to the moon!