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Golden Graduates Spotlights

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Michael Durand - the dork circa 1965
GOLDEN GRADUATE - My major was political science and courses in that department helped foster a life-long interest in politics and public decision making. Rather than giving way to emotional arguments, my classes helped me appreciate that politics works best when people come together to solve problems, not simply to shout at one another.
Bill Ridgeway
GOLDEN GRADUATE - All of the jobs like North American Aviation working on the Apollo program through CSCLB helped me gain experience. It was my Industrial Design major that taught me to think, problem-solve and be creative enough to develop my own T-’shirt business. I learned that for every problem there is a solution.
Dot Goldish
GOLDEN FACULTY - I was very honored to serve the university for three years as Chair of the Academic Senate. I am very proud of the fact that, in that role and later as Dean of Undergraduate Studies, I was able to help develop policies and procedures that helped students get clear, consistent information on what they needed to do and on completion of requirements.
Bill Holmes
GOLDEN GRADUATE - The General Honors program and the Associated Students Experimental College expanded my view of life and enhanced my appreciation of the importance of diversity. The semester abroad with Semester at Sea increased my appreciation for the similarities of people even when their culture may differ.
Phyllis Goodwin
GOLDEN GRADUATE - I was thrilled to be attending college full time. I loved the exchange between most professors and me and my fellow students. My Senior Seminar, supposedly limited to twelve students, had to be held in a Lecture Hall because the class enrollment was well over one hundred students. What an experience that was!  
Elbert Segelhorst
GOLDEN FACULTY - Long Beach was an excellent state college that was able to compete with national universities in terms of higher education and opportunities. The interpersonal connections made between professors and students was invaluable to making the college such a success.