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Galen Pickett with physics demonstration
The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) project is designed to improve and promote the education of future physics and physical science teachers.
Alex Klotz
Our latest addition to the Physics and Astronomy Department faculty is Alexander (Alex) Raphael Klotz. He joined us after completing a postdoctoral time at MIT. Alex has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics from McGill University in Montréal, Quebec, and a BS also in Physics from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
students and faculty at a gathering
Physics teachers are in high demand thanks to a shift in science standards. But the move to implement Next Generation Science Standards has exacerbated the shortage of physics instructors. That's where the Physics and Astronomy Department comes in.
physics professor using an instrument in the lab
CSU Long Beach has been recognized as ​being among the nation's highest awarders of physics degrees by the American Physical Society, especially to women and underrepresented minorities.
Student and Faculty presenters at APS Far West
Congratulations to our students and faculty of the department who presented at the 2018 annual meeting of the APS Far West Section at CSU Fullerton. 14 students co-authored presentations with 5 faculty members.
Thomas Klaehn
Congratulations to Thomas Klähn who is co-author of a Nature Astronomy paper entitled “Quark deconfinement as a supernovae explosion engine for massive blue supergiant starts.” Link to paper available in article.