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Industrial Design major wins student competition for Mobül

Published June 12, 2017

CSULB Industrial Design majors tasted real-world success in May when the Long Beach-based Mobül: the Mobility Store honored the top student design geared to assist people who have disabilities or trouble moving around.

Rene Zavala won the student competition for his walker tray design. “I was trying to simplify the product for the user while making it more effective,” said Zavala, who is on schedule to receive his bachelor of science degree in industrial design next spring. “All the instructors I’ve had have influenced the way I work and design. Also I’m grateful to the staff with some of the services they provide such as prints and laser cuts.” 

“All of us have people in our lives affected with mobility problems,” said Design Professor Wesley Woelfel, who arranged and oversees the competition/collaboration with Mobül. “In working with these kinds of mobility issues, the students are designing for their own futures. They begin to understand how situations change when someone loses mobility. In many cases, their own families are affected. They learn about experiences by talking to family members, neighbors and communities. Someday they may have to face these mobility issues themselves.”

Sample student projects included bath seats, crutches, grab bars, lift chairs, walkers, canes, lifts, scooters and power chairs with many of those turning into “portfolio pieces” that play a vital role in getting that first job.