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Administration and Support Staff in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dean's Office

Name Title Phone Email Room
Curtis Bennett Richard D. Green Dean 562.985.1521 HSCI-160
Krzysztof Slowinski Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Evaluation, and Advising 562.985.8064 HSCI-160
Barbara Taylor Associate Dean for Research 562.985.5545 HSCI-160
Babette Benken Director of Graduate Studies 562.985.4798 FO3-108
Yvette Castaño Fiscal Coordinator 562.985.5729 HSCI-160
(vacant) Receptionist 562.985.4707   HSCI-160
Vanessa Hernandez Project Support Coordinator 562.985.1859 HSCI-160
Maryanne Horton Director of Development 562.985.1687 HSCI-160
Margaret Karteron Operations Officer 562.985.4265 HSCI-160
(vacant) Development Coordinator 562.985.7446   HSCI-160
Celia Mejia Student Life and Development Coordinator 562.985.4181 USU-221
Margaret Merryfield Equity Advisor 562.985.1957 HSCI-160
Lane Olsen-Cooper Assistant to the Dean 562.985.1521 HSCI-160
Allie Puz Communications and Public Relations Coordinator 562.985.2142 HSCI-154
Kathy Vega Grants and Contracts Specialist 562.985.4539 HSCI-160
Henry Wu Administrative Services Manager 562.985.4646 HSCI-160

Academic Advising

Name Title Phone Email Room
Theresa Exum-Lucas Coordinator of Advising 562.985.4334 HSCI-164C
Tim Kalliomaa Senior Academic Advisor and Data Analyst 562.985.5364 HSCI-166
Carole Duffis Academic Advisor 562.985.8317 HSCI-164B
Sonia Santos Academic Advisor 562.985.2237 HSCI-164F


Name Title Phone Email Room
Barbara Taylor Interim Program Director 562.985.5545 HSCI-160
Yuan Yu (Kent) Lee Proteomics Specialist 562.985.2469 MIC-108
Varenka Lorenzi Senior Chemist, Lab Coordinator Tech 562.985.2469 MIC-108

IT Services

Name Title Phone Email Room
Danny Ames Web Developer 562.985.1407 HSCI-154
David Goulet IT Consultant, CNSM Computer Lab Coordinator 562.985.5308 HSCI-152
Thuy Nguyen IT Consultant, Desktop Support Specialist 562.985.8696 HSCI-161
Leon Wood IT Consultant MIC-002

Jensen SAS Center

Name Title Phone Email Room
Valerie Bagley Coordinator of Student Support 562.985.4682 HSCI-164D
Cynthia Alarcón Program Coordinator 562.985.8395 HSCI-164A
Lena Njoku HPAO Coordinator 562.985.8061 HSCI-164E

Science Safety Office

Name Title Phone Email Room
John de la Cuesta Science Safety Officer, Radiation Safety Officer 562.985.5623 PH1-010T
Chris Frost Science Safety Officer, Radiation Safety Officer 562.985.5623 PH1-010T

Science Shop

Name Title Phone Email Room
Brent Scheiwe CNSM Facilities Coordinator, Science Shop Supervisor 562.985.4841 HSCI-24A
Mohammad Shobeiri Science Shop Technician 562.985.4841 HSCI-24A

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