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College of Business offers course support and course tutoring, this resource is located at our Center (COB 126) 


For every hour you spend in class, you should spend 3 hours studying on your own. Therefore, if you are taking 12 units, you should be studying 36 hours per week! Visit the Study36 webpage for more information and tips on how to plan for 36 hours of study time.

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Tutoring is needed because everybody learns differently, but not everybody can have the benefit of a teacher who understands and teaches in their most effective style of learning. This is a reason that students need tutors, and is not a sign of a bad teacher.


For All Students not just Struggling

Academic tutoring is certainly effective for students who are having trouble in school, but it’s an equally good resource for students who are doing well because it helps them manage their responsibilities and reduce stress. The regularity of weekly tutoring sessions is also a great way to keep students accountable and focused throughout a long school year, whether they’re earning straight A’s or struggling a bit.  

Many of these straight-A-in-high-school students play it off as no big deal because, “I’m smart. I always get good grades. It will be fine.” But then it is finals week ... College is all fun and games until you realize you have to learn a whole semesters worth of course work in a week.

Use this Resource

Tutoring is one of many academic tools provided that students can use to learn more effectively, and wanting to succeed in school is nothing to be embarrassed about. Tutoring can be a fun and productive way for students to engage outside of the classroom, master important concepts, and build more confidence.

Raise Confidence

Tutoring actually offers students valuable opportunities to improve work habits and develop independent study skills, it is not common that tutoring will lead to dependence.

Tutoring will resume on September 9, 2019.

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COURSE NUMBER Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ACCT 201, 202, 300A/B





ACCT 320




FIN 300





STAT 118 & IS 310  




MATH 115  






IS 301

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