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Long Beach Small Business Monitor (LBSBM)

 1Q/2019 - Expectations for 2019 "Slump Coming?”

In our yearly survey, Long Beach small business owners are less optimistic about local business conditions and business expectations are lower now than they have been in the past several years. In the Jan/Feb 2019 telephone survey of Long Beach small business owners, 43% believe the local Long Beach economy will be better this year, down from 50% last year and 55% two years prior. One in four (24%) believe it will be worse. These are signs of growing anxiety and concern among Long Beach small business owners about what may lie ahead in 2019

Will the economy for small business in Long Beach get better, stay the same or get worse in 2019?

1st Quarter 2019 (pdf)

Economy 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Get Better 55% 40% 55% 50% 45%
Stay Same 31% 37% 29% 22% 34%
Get Worse 14% 23% 16% 17% 24%


The purpose of the Long Beach Small Business Monitor is to provide the greater Long Beach region and community an understanding of the expectations and desires of small business owners

Survey Methods

The results are based on surveys of 300 small business people randomly selected from all Long Beach small businesses of 50 employees or less. Results are based on a probability sampling of 300 small businesses in Long Beach, CA (2-50 employees). Under the direction of Dr. Flexo, Marketing Systems Group ( generated a random sample from their frame of all small businesses with addresses in Long Beach. The sample was sent to Opinion Access Corporation a professional data collection facility ( Each record was called by a professionally trained interviewer at OAC. A final sample of 300 interviews with small business were collected using this industry standard procedure. These results have a statistical margin of error of +/-5.5%.

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