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Most Inspirational Professor - Honor Roll

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Legend:  Multiple Designations = Multiple Designations

Note: The honor roll is updated only once per day in the morning. If you don't see your name, please check again later.


  • Douglas Domingo-Foraste, Comparative World Literature and Classics
  • Phillip Falcetti, Health Science
  • Dawn Kelsey, Communication Studies
  • Sudha Krishnan, Accountancy
  • Sy Pearlman, Accountancy
  • John Todd, Accountancy
  • Yun-Ying Zhong, Family and Consumer Sciences


  • Richard Goldin, Political Science
  • Deborah Ludke, Health Care Administration
  • Linda Maram, Asian & American Studies
  • Galen Pickett, Physics & Astronomy
  • Ted Teweles, Business Administration
  • Kelly Young, Biological Sciences


  • Denise Cucurny, Sociology
  • Jermie Arnold, Music
  • Molly Ranney, Social Work


  • Jake Alimahomed-Wilson, Anthropology
  • Chanwit Phengpis, Finance
  • Susan Carlile, English
  • Neena Chawla, Art
  • Young-Hee Cho, Psychology
  • Adam Con, Music
  • Joanne Conley, Recreation and Leisure
  • Maricela Correa, Psychology  Legend
  • Jane Dabel, History
  • Christina Derme, Communication Studies
  • Araceli Esparza, English
  • Ryan Fischer, Criminal Justice
  • Lisa Glatt, English
  • Nora Griffin, Sociology
  • Nat Hansuvadha, Education
  • Darr Hashempour, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jan Hedges, Recreation and Leisure
  • Melody Kiang, Business Information Systems
  • Pamela Kreiser, Communication Studies
  • John Lacey, Accountancy
  • Kathleen Lacey, Legal Studies in Business
  • Dennis Laurie, Management & HRM
  • Sophie Lee, Business Information Systems
  • Susan Leonard-Giesen, Education
  • Benjamin Mis, Sociology
  • William Moore, Public Policy and Administration
  • Roger Morton, Political Science  Legend
  • Lindsay Perez Huber, Education
  • Christine Petit, Sociology
  • Chanwit Phengpis, Finance
  • Laurel Richmond, Recreation and Leisure
  • Kyle Riedel, Art
  • Roudi Roy, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Steven Ruosso-Schindler, Anthropology
  • James Scott, Education
  • Marc Simoes, English
  • Ted Teweles, Business Management
  • Rena Urso-Trapani, Music
  • John Valenzuela, Accountancy
  • Zheng John Wang, Criminal Justice
  • Xiaowen Wu, Chinese