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Past Awardees

  • Alumni Grants Program Recipients
  • 1991-92 to present
  • Total awarded to date: $925,000

2016-17 Recipients, Awarded in April 2017

The following are the 2017 Alumni Grants recipients that were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. The grand total is $49,225 for 10 programs.

  • ​Athletics: Smart room equipment for Ukleja Center. Bonnie Gasior. $7,422.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Microsoft HoloLens to teach “mixed reality”. Shadnaz Asgari. $3,000.
  • Center for Education in Proteomics Analysis: Waters Micromass API-US Mass Spectrometer. Yuanyu (Kent) Lee. $7,500.
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Laboratory balances for organic chemistry. Ken Nakayama and Chris Brazier. $3,749.
  • Geography : UAV (aka “drone”) for Geospatial Applications. Paul Laris. $7,500.
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: CSULB lightboard to bring a kind of virtual reality into the classroom. David A. Stout. $7,498.
  • Speech-Language Pathology: Assessment tests software for graduate student clinicians and clinic client’s. Alaine Ocampo. $2391.
  • STEMx : Sisters in Motion, Stay in Motion: Programming materials. Melissa Norrbom. $665.
  • Theatre Arts: Design CAD software to train students in theatrical design. Chris Anthony. $7,500.
  • University Library : Cambodian (Khmer) language and culture materials to support the new minor. Greg Armento. $2,000.

2015-16 Recipients, Awarded in April 2016

59 Applications

The following are the 2015 Alumni Grants recipients that were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. The grand total is$49,792 for 9 programs.

  • Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling: Tests and assessments for special education credential students.
  • Shireen Pavri. $3,025
  • Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management Department: Centrifugal pump for fluid mechanics lab.
  • Rebeka Sultana. $7,500.
  • Mathematics & Statistics Department: Mobile tutoring lab for at-risk students in bottleneck math courses.
  • Xuhui Li. $7,438.23.
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department: Tracking system for robotics research and education.
  • Emel Demircan & Qingbin Gao. $7,500.
  • Project OCEAN: QPR & MHFA Instructional Training & Materials. Alexandria Pan. $5,354.90.
  • School of Art, Sculpture: Digital fabrication lab.
  • Brittany R. Ransom. $6,759.67.
  • School of Nursing: Birthing Readiness Unit.
  • Melissa Dyo. $7,500.
  • Speech-Language Pathology: Auditory Screener for the Speech-Language Clinic.
  • Edward Garcia. $3,957.03.
  • University Library: Premium Subscription for GoAnimate and Tubesnack.
  • Tiffini Travis. $757.33.

2014-15 Recipients, Awarded in April 2015

59 Applications

The following are the 2014 Alumni Grants recipients that were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. The grand total is $49,230 for 9 programs.

  • Carpenter Performing Arts Center:  Microphones and sound equipment for student performances.  Michele Roberge.  $7,435
  • Center for First Amendment Studies:  News production set for First Amendment News. Kevin Johnson. $7,100.
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management Department: Build a full-scale tank to demonstrate liquefaction.  Luis G. Arboleda.  $6,300.
  • Disabled Students Services:  Assessment instruments and testing materials.
  • Tina Sutera. $7,476.
  • Marketing Department:  Equipment and software to upgrade experimental lab.
  • Ingrid Martin. $4,244.
  • School of Nursing.  DxR Clinician web-based patient simulation software.
  • Natalie Cheffer.  $5,903.
  • Physics and Astronomy Department:  Solar telescopes for astronomy classes.  Chuhee Kwon.  $6,648.
  • Theatre Arts Department:  Vocal health and awareness kit to teach healthy vocal production.  Andrea Caban. $2,435.
  • University Library.  American Sign Language materials.  Gabriel Gardner.  $1,689.

2013-14 Recipients, Awarded in April 2014

48 Applications

The following are the 2014 Alumni Grants recipients that were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. The grand total is $49,059.49 for 10 programs.

  • School of Art, Illustration/Animation: “Whisper Room” Sound Isolation Booth. Aubry Mintz. $7,283.
  • Biological Sciences: Full-figure nervous and circulatory system model. Jacqueline Pal. $5,094.70.
  • College of Business Administration Student Center for Professional Development: Speakers’ fees for professional development workshops. Eva Espindola. $3,000.
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: TR3 Rotavapor and Calorimeter for chemistry courses. Krzysztof Slowinski. $7,500.
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management: BIM software for Autodesk Revit for Building Design and Construction. Hung Nguyen. $4,780.
  • Disabled Students Services: WorldQ software licenses to improve writing skills. Velma Martin. $2,929.28.
  • Electrical Engineering and Engineering Technology: Two 3D printers to print parts for robots used during labs. Walter Martinez. $5,278.
  • Journalism and Mass Communications. Refurbished Daily 49er news racks. Dan Olsen and Beverly Munson. $3,920.
  • Library: Non-fiction books for Children’s Collection for teacher education students. Cathy Outten. $1,774.51.
  • Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literature. Smartroom classroom conversion. Markus Muller. $7,500.

2012-13 Recipients, Awarded in March 2013

74 Applications

The following are the 2013 Alumni Grants recipients that were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. The grand total is $50,162.28 for 9 programs.

  • Biological Sciences: Spectrophotometers and pH meters for non-majors biology lab. Brian T. Livingston
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry: Refractometer and diagnostic equipment. Kris Slowinski
  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science: Computational Physiology Teaching System. Shadnaz Asgari
  • Design Department: Laser Cutter. Martin Herman
  • Electrical Engineering: Three Humanoid Robot Kits for artificial intelligence research. Walter Martinez
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Heat treating furnace for MAE materials laboratory. Parvin Shariat
  • School of Nursing: Computerized Manikin torso. Loucine M. Huckabay
  • Physical Therapy: Binocular Video Goggles System. Olfat Mohamed
  • Single Subject Credential Program: Specialized DVDs, UBDtexts/ unit templates. Deborah Mitchell

2011-12 Recipients, Awarded in April 2012

49  Applications

11 recipients awarded for a grand total of $73,2575; board allocation was $75,000. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union donated $5,000 toward the grants.

  • Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling: Computer assistive equipment for Special Education teacher students. Tina Arora. $6.135.95.
  • Art Department, Metals Program: Blacksmithing equipment. Susanna Speirs $2,065.90.
  • Biological Sciences: Dynamometers and Laptops. Ashley Carter. $3,887.95.
  • Biological Sciences: Microscopes, Mason Zhang. $9,802.16.
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management: Seismic Wire Transducer and Digital Panel Meter Display System. Yu-Fu Ko. $2,608.16.
  • Cole Conservatory of Music: Sound system for jazz ensembles. Christine Guter. $9,983.31.
  • Communicative Disorders: Audiometers and rolling work station. Jennifer Ostergren. $7,967.70.
  • Criminal Justice Dept., Emergency Services Administration Program: Medical equipment for training. Peter Kreysa $9,286.25
  • Geography. Interactive audio visual system for Geographic Info Science. Paul Laris. $9,876.
  • Learning Assistance Center. Anatomical brain model workstations. Gen Ramirez $4,400.
  • Science Learning Center. Exhibit materials and upgrades. Jim Mckibben $7,261.50.

2010-11 Recipients, Awarded in April 2011

53  Applications

9 recipients awarded for a grand total of $76,258; board allocation was $75,000. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union donated $5,000 toward the grants.

  • Marketing Dept.: Student work stations for Marketing Research Laboratory; Pamela Miles Homer.  $9,604.
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management Dept.: Computers and peripherals for Green Building Information Modeling Lab; Jin-Lee Kim. $8,100.
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.:  Diode Laser Processing Engine; Hamid Rahai. $10,000.
  • Kinesiology Dept.: Electromyography (EMG) System for research and instruction; Will Wu. $9,810.
  • University Library:  Essay and General Literature Index Retrospective On-Line Database; Greg Armento. $4,510.
  • Biological Sciences Dept.:  Instrumentation and Computer Packages for Physiology Lab; Kevin M. Kelley. $9,556.82.
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept.:  Equipment for Organic Chemistry Lab Courses; Jeff Cohlberg. $9,776.68.
  • Institute of Integrated Research for Materials, Environment and Society: Interactive SMART board; Mary Blasius. $4,900.
  • Disabled Student Services: Computer and Video Equipment for Visually-Impaired Students; Peter Perbix. $10,000.

2009-10 Recipients, awarded in March 2010

40 applications

Board allocation was $75,000; awarded $67,193

  • Carpenter Performing Arts Center, new light board, Michele Roberge, $9,638
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept, 15 pH meters for Chem 11B, Jeff Cohlberg, $6,833.42
  • Communicative Disorders, Clinical 3D anatomical models and software, Carolyn Madding, $3,440.50
  • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, match a challenge grant to rebuild bridge & moon viewing platform, Jeanette Schelin, $10,000
  • Multi-cultural Center, upgrade audio visual materials for Center library, Cynthia Schultheis, $1,500
  • Physical Therapy, Dartfish system (software, video camera, laptop), Christine D. Pollard, $7,850
  • Science Learning Center/Mobile Science Museum, electron microscope repairs & safety upgrades, Jim McKibben, $5,919
  • Jensen Student Access to Science and Math Center, create a portable tutorial center, Aimee Arreygue, $2,700
  • Theatre Arts Department, theater platforms for Student Showcase Room, Anne D’Zmura, $9,700
  • University Art Museum, computer kiosk for student research on museum collections, Ilee Kaplan, $9,612

2008-09 Recipients, awarded in February 2009

69 applications

Board allocation is $75,000, awarded $74,541.

  • Biological Science, Instruments for Intro Cell Bio Course, Editte Gharakhanian, $5,959.54
  • Biological Science--Marine Biology, Updated safety equipment for boating program, Chris Lowe, $6,800
  • Cole Conservatory of Music, Video Equipment to record recitals and concerts, Carolyn Bremer, $4,500
  • Design Department, Equipment to update classrooms with current technology, Dorothy Ottolia, $9,991.64
  • Disabled Student Services, Educational Assessment Tools, Lethia Cobbs, $4,225.75
  • Electrical Engineering, Demo units for Engineering, Barry Shahian,$8,500
  • Geological Science, Aerial photography, Bruce D. Perry,  $3,500
  • Journalism, Upgrade field video cameras, Carla Yarbrough, $6,350
  • Library, Conversion of historical CSULB media, Kristie French, $3,000
  • Mathematics Tutoring & Resource Ctr, Computer equipment & Software for tutoring, Xuhui Li, $10,000
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Robot Assembly, Bei Lu & Panadda Marayong, $5,000
  • Military Science Program, Fitness Equipment for CSULB army ROTC, Victor Stephenson, $1,500
  • Science Education, Teacher prep instructional materials & video camera, James Kisiel, Laura Henriques & David Nickles, $3,500
  • Women’s Resource Center, Increase smart room capabilities with wall-mounted monitor, Lynne Coenen, $1,714

2007-08 Recipients, awarded in February 2008

89 applications

Board allocation is $60,000, awarded $57,333

  • University Art Museum, Exhibit program equipment, Ilee Kaplan, $9,760
  • Art Department/Sculpture Program, Kiln and crucibles for furnace, Bryan Crockett, $3,500
  • Dance Department, Audio/visual upgrade for dance studios, Cyrus Parker-Jeannette, $9,000
  • Daily 49er/DIG Magazine, Video cameras for Daily 49er and DIG Magazine, Barbara Kingsley, $2,200
  • Geography Department, Technology and Visualization Enhancements, Vincent DelCasino, $10,000
  • Intramural Sports and Wellness, Canopy, Glenn McDonald, $1,733
  • Learning Assistance Center, Mobile tutorial white boards, Gen Ramirez, $3,500
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Control laboratory improvement, Bei Lu, $2,640
  • Teacher Resource Center, Subject specific pedagogy software, computer, laser printer, Jan Condou, $5,000

2006-07 Recipients, awarded in January 2007

49 applications

Board allocation is $35,000, awarded $35,790

  • Athletics, display signage to promote athletics events, Jamie Pollock, $2,552
  • Biological Sciences, cadaver for human anatomy courses, Kelly Young, $2,642
  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science, robotics equipment, Colleen van Lent, $3,595
  • College of Education, start-up equipment for Teacher Resource Center, Jan Condou, $5,000
  • Library, Special Collections, preservation of original art/photography prints, Kristie French, $2,500
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, vibration test system, Bei Lu, $5,000
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSULB, storage cabinets, Barbara McClinton, $1,500
  • Science Learning Center, exhibit materials, Jim McKibben, $5,000
  • Theatre Arts Department, lighting equipment for Theatre Arts showcase, Anne D’Zmura, $5,000
  • University Police, equipment for Rape Aggression Defense Training,  Ami Rzasa, $3,000

2005-06 Recipients, awarded in April 2006

36 Applications

Board allocation is $35,000; awarded $32,500 in various increments ($2,500 to $5,000)

  • Associated Students, Inc., Beach Pride Victory flag, Jamie Pollock, $5,000
  • California History/Social Science Project; production of DVDs for teacher education classes; Francine Curtis, $5,000.
  • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, develop visitor’s orientation and information kiosk, Jeanette Schelin, $3,000.
  • Library, Special Collections; preservation of original art/photo prints, Kristie French, $2,500.
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept., purchase CCD camera for thermo-fluid diagnostic system; Hamid Rahai, $4,000.
  • Marine Lab; equipment replacement, aquaculture enhancement, Kim Anthony.  $3,000.
  • Science Learning Center and Mobile Science Museum; enhanced science exhibit materials; Jim McKibben; $5,000.
  • Theatre Arts Department; theatre curtain runner track system; Anne D’Zmura, $5,000

2004-05 Grants, Awarded in January 2005

71 Applications

Board original allocation was $35,000; awarded $35,299 in various increments ($3,828 to $5,000)

  • Beach Pride Center: non-inflatable Prospector Pete mascot. Chance Decker. $3000.
  • Film and Electronic Arts: update and expand film and electronic arts library holdings. Davinia Thornley. $5000.
  • Department of Geological Sciences: aerial photography of Southern California’s coast and mountains. Bruce Perry.  $4000.
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education: multimedia cart. Adam Huber. $3828.
  • Library: completion of database driven online tutorial.  Tiffini Travis. $4171.
  • Marine Lab: enhance marine lab outdoor holding facilities and support field research. Kim Anthony.  $4300.
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy: astronomical telescopes. Michael Frey and  Paul Hintzen. $5000.
  • Senior University: replace outdated desks with easily movable folding tables and chairs. Barbara McClinton.  $3000.
  • Teacher Education: projector and camcorder. Linda Symcox.  $3000.

2003-04 Grants, Awarded in January 2004

60 Applications

Board original allocation was $35,000.; awarded $37,500 in various increments ($2,200 to $5,000)

  • Academic Advising Center: scheduling software.  Melody Martin.  $2500
  • Associated Students: lighting for back yard of the Soroptimist House.  Brigette Young.      $2500
  • Biological Sciences Marine Laboratory: fish tanks, fish, assorted lab equipment.  Kim Anthony. $2500
  • College of Business: Student information kiosk.  Rick Olsson.  $5000
  • Family and Consumer Sciences: installation of donated kitchen equipment. Vala Stults.      $5000
  • Japanese Garden: Blue Skies Classroom learning project.  Jeanette Schelin. $1500
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: data acquisition system for testing student rockets.  Eric Besnard.  $3000
  • Mechanical Engineering Center for Environmental Research & Services: 2 hot film anemometers.  Hamid R. Rahai.  $3000
  • Science Learning Center & Mobile Museum:  giant tesla coil exhibit.  Jim McKibben.   $3500.  
  • Student Life and Development: information kiosks for student union. Jeff Klaus.  $5000
  • University Art Museum: noontime gallery  programs, freshman tours, annual symposium. Ilee Kaplan.  $4000.

2002-03 Grants, Awarded in January 2003

42 Applications

Board original allocation was $35,000.; awarded $38,055 in various increments ($2,200 to $5,000)

  • Academic Advising: Graduation Green Light Project: Advising labor hours.  Marilee Samuelson.  $5,000
  • Carpenter Performing Arts Center: Dance Outreach Master Classes. Peter Lesnik. $5,000
  • College of the Arts: Professional quality lighting for student galleries. Don Para.  $5,000
  • College of Business: Update of computing centers technology lab.  Rick Olsson. $5,500
  • Disabled Student Services: Note taker services.  Rachel Mahgerefteh.  $2,500
  • Japanese Garden: Willow trees.  Jeanette Schelin.  $2,200
  • Learning Alliance: Life after college program.  Mary Anne Rose.  $3,400
  • Multicultural Center:  STAR Students Talk About Race program.  James Manseau Sauceda.  $2,500
  • Science Learning Center:  Hallway display monitors and materials.  Jim McKibben.  $5,000
  • Student Access to Science:  Health professionals advising office library.  Eileen Tom.  $2,455

2001-02 Grants, Awarded in January 2002

51 applications

Awarded $30,706.60 in various increments ($1,500 to $5,000)

  • Biological Sciences: high resolution imaging system.  Dr. Christine Palmier and John de la Cuesta.  $3,666.60
  • College of Business Administration, Mentoring Program:  Laptop computer and portable LCD projector.  Carlos Santos-Cuyugan,  $4,000
  • Disabled Students Services High Tech Center:  purchase 12 word prediction software applications for students with mobility limitations and learning disabilities.  Penny Peterson. $1,985.00
  • Geology Department:  purchase of a seismometer.  Dr. Stan Finney.  $5,000
  • Hauth Center for Communication Skills:  development of an alumni speakers bureau and purchase of a "Power Podium."  Dr. Terre Allen.   $5,000.
  • Isabel Patterson Child Development Center:  playground equipment.  Rhonda Marikos, $3,255.00
  • Technology Help Desk:  Student and Information Kiosk in the North Campus Center.  Daniel Olsen.  $3,000.00
  • University Arts Facilities Services Program:  Computerized lighting control equipment.   Don Para.  $4,800

2000-01 Grants, Awarded in January 2001

39 applications

Board allocation $25,000; awarded $29,079 in various increments ($1,000 to $5,000)

  • College of the Arts, University Arts Facilities Services Program:  Purchase audio/sound equipment. Dean Kristi Jones and Rosalinda O’Brien.  $4,579
  • Dance Department, Dance Clinic:  therapeutic equipment to enhance the clinic’s capabilities for treatment and rehabilitation of dance-related injuries.  John Siegel, $5,000
  • Engineering Technology Department: to complete the integration and the website for the student computer network hands-on learning lab.  (Ms.) Dr. Tulin Mangir, $5,000.
  • Marine Biological Laboratory:  new student research and display tanks. Brian Mercier, $3,000
  • Mechanical Engineering Department:  Support mini-Baja and Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) projects. Dr. Hamid Rahai. $2,500
  • Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center:  Japanese Animation Festival sponsor.  Peter Lesnik and Sue Lauer, $5,000
  • University Library:  Match start-up cost for student/faculty access to Art Index. Henry DuBois.  $4,000

1999-2000 Grants, Awarded in January 2000

34 applications

Awarded $24,990 in various increments as noted below.

  • Chemistry & Biochemistry:  purchase lecture-size periodic tables and molecular model kits.  Dr. Nail Senozan, $1,000
  • Computer Engineering & Computer Science:  upgrade high speed distributed parallel processing system.  Dr. Shui F. Lam, $2,550
  • Hauth Center for Communication Skills: purchase video and computer equipment.  Dr. Pat Kearney, $3,500
  • Health Science Department: purchase health instructional resources for teach education program.  Dr. Dale Evans, $2,000
  • Library:  purchase media equipment.  Kristina Shanton, $3,240
  • Marine Biological Laboratory: purchase a networking computer system to monitor water quality and environmental systems, system safety/alarm checks, and log data. Brian Mercier, $3,500
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics: purchase exhibit equipment for the science learning center.  Jim McKibben, $2,500
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics: purchase exhibit equipment for the Mobile Science Museum.  Jim McKibben, $2,500
  • Student Transition and Retention Services: creation of a peer mentoring team.     Dr. John Karras, $3,500
  • Women's Resource Center:  purchase a printer for the Women’s Resource Center.     Marcela Chavez, $700

1998-99 Grants, Awarded in January 1999

44 applications

Awarded $19,777.02 in various increments as noted below.

  • Education Specialist Credential Program:  purchase current assessment materials.  Marie Hegwer-Dita, $860.05
  • Student Access to Science, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:  computer tutorials for science & math, book of abstracts.  Cheryl Muilenburg, $1,499.
  • University Police, Community Service Office Night Escort Program:  purchase one bicycle and other equipment.  Sgt. Bonnie Myers and Christopher Cuevas, $1,000.
  • Biological Sciences:  monitors for two teaching labs.  Lisa Mastro and Charles Galt, $2,203.97.
  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department:  computer hardware to set up high-speed distributed parallel processing system.  Shui F. Lam, $2,214.00.
  • Mentoring Business Program, College of Business Administration:  purchase computer as a student, staff and volunteer workstation.  Stephanie Teer, $2,000.
  • Mobile Science Museum, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:  exhibit upgrades and generator for bus.  Jim McKibben, $2,500.
  • Nursing Alumni/Nursing Department:  assist with implementation of the Student Mentoring Program.  Nancy Smith and Christine Talmadge, $2,500.
  • Leadership Resource Center, Student Life and Development:  computer and printer for Resource Center.  Kim Braun Padulo, $2,500.
  • University Art Museum:  publication of Walking Tour Map and adding student-oriented pages on UAM web site.  Ilee Kaplan, $2,500.

1997-98 Grants, Awarded in January 1998

45 applications

Awarded $ 14,313.33 in various increments as noted below.

  • Educational Career Services:  videotapes and training materials on Job Search for Teachers.  Judi Walker, $324.15.
  • Learning Assistance Center/Academic Advising Center:  TDD access for deaf students.  Gen Ramirez and Marilee Samuelson, $500.
  • University Library:  purchase multi-cultural books.  Susan Luevano-Molina, $1,000.
  • Woman’s Resource Center:  purchase a computer to establish Phase I of the “Women of the World” project at the Women’s Resource Center.  Lynne Coenen.  $1,700.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department:  purchase new equipment for the Thermodynamics Laboratory.  Dr. Hamid Rahai, $1,747.
  • Writer’s Resource Lab--English Department:  develop online writing aids for the Writer’s Resource Lab.  Gary Griswold, $2,000.
  • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden:  create a tour-on-tape program.  Jeanette Schelin, $1,800.
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy/Geological Sciences:  develop a remote sensor to monitor the quality of seawater.  Dr. Alfred F. Leung and K.M. Chan, $1,839.18.
  • Disabled Students Services High Tech Center:  voice synthesizer that will be attached to the computer system in the High Tech Center to be used by visually impaired students who need general computer access on campus.  Penny Peterson, $1,403
  • Marine Lab in the Biological Sciences Department:  upgrade equipment in the lab including fiberglass tanks and a new filtration system.  Brian Mercier, $2,000.

1996-97 Grants, Awarded in January 1997

27 applications

$8,800 awarded in various increments, see recipients below.  Grant amounts were determined by recipient ranging from $500 to $1,500.

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics:  cost-effective imaging; Jim McKibben and Tom Douglas, $1,300.
  • Theatre Arts:  equipment.  Joanne Gordon, $1,000.
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Mobile Science Museum:  supplies and equipment.  Cheryl Muilenburg, $1,000.
  • University Art Museum:  public computer kiosk.  Ilee Kaplan, $1,500.
  • Educational Career Services:  computer.  Judi Walker, $1,000.
  • Student Transition and Retention:  mobile information cart.  Randy Zarn, $1,500.
  • Nursing Department:  equipment for cardiac life support training.  Rebecca Dahlem, $1,500.

1995-96 Grants, Awarded in January 1996


13 applications: 6 grants of $1,000 each

27 applications: 1 grant of $2,000

Total:  $8,000

  • $1,000 Recipients
    • Academic Computing Services:  produce a student brochure introducing Internet services at CSULB.  Dr. Stafford Cox.
    • Learning Assistance Center:  lab science specimen collection.  Gen Ramirez and Patrick Mulleavy.
    • College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics--Mobile Science Museum:  scientific displays.  Cheryl Muilenburg.
    • Disabled Students Services High Tech Center:  computer equipment.  Penny Peterson/Jamie Euyart.
    • University Library:  buy electronic CD-ROM map databases.  Greg Armento.
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry department:  buy classroom demonstration materials.  Ken Marsi.
  • $2,000 Recipient
    • Learning Assistance Center:  buy LCD projection display panel; can be hooked to both a computer and a VCR simultaneously and projected on a screen for classroom instruction.  Gen Ramirez.

1994-95 Grants, Awarded in January 1995

48 applications: 5 grants of $1,000 each

Total: $5,000


  • Academic Advising Center:  reinstate evening academic advising hours.  Marilee Samuelson.
  • Learning Assistance Center:  tutorial software for introductory level courses & training videotapes for peer tutors and supplemental instructors.  Dr. Gen Ramirez.
  • Career Development Center:  laser printer for students to print resumes at no cost.  Tracy Bowe, Hal Schaffer, Wade Hawley.
  • Mobile Science Museum:  scientific exhibits.  Cheryl Muilenburg.
  • Disabled Students Services:  training tapes for sign language interpreters.  Faith Fontan.

1993-94 Grants, Awarded in January 1994

37 applications: 5 grants of $1,000 each

Total $5,000


  • Preschool Motor Development Center--physical education department:  purchase equipment and offer scholarships to youngsters.  Janet Fisher.
  • Mobile Science Museum:  scientific exhibits.  Cheryl Muilenburg.
  • Gerontology Program in Home Economics:  assistive devices for students learning to help people with functional limitations.  Jeanne Bader.
  • Library:  interactive CD-ROM programs which present instructional material with visual and moving images, sound and text.  Henry DuBois.
  • Disabled Student Services:  special tape recorders so students can listen to four-track textbooks and a 19-inch monitor that is housed in the library.  Robert Whitten.

1992-93 Grants, Awarded in January 1993

32 applications: 3 grants of $1,000 each

Total $3,000


  • English Department:  tutorial materials and software/hardware for the Writer’s Resource Lab.  Gary Griswold.
  • Mobile Science Museum:  scientific exhibits.  Cheryl Muilenburg.
  • Library:  materials for Cambodian collection.  John D’Amicantonio.

1991-92 Grants, Awarded in March 1992

38 applications:1 grant, $1,000


  • Library and Learning Resources: purchase photo equipment to provide students with the capability to photograph items for reports, research and thesis work.  Rick Walti.