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Karl Anatol Center

Karl Anatol Center - Conference Room

The Anatol Center is available for faculty and staff use only.

Venue Information

  • Venue Manager: Sarah Amundson, Event Planner and Operations Coordinator
  • Key pick up & drop off hours: Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Phone: 562.985.2351

When requesting the Anatol Center, please note:

  • Requests will not be processed past 90 days.
  • Reservations must be made a minimum of 5 working days in advance.
  • Departments are limited to 1 event per week.

Setup Information

  • Conference Room Capacity: 120 for chairs only, 90 for tables and chairs
  • The Patio Room has four distinct areas:
    • Conference Area with a long table for 12
    • Conversations Area (A) with seating for 10
    • Conversations Area (B) with seating for 12
    • Fireplace Area with seating for 4
  • Technology Available: Conference Room Only


The Anatol Center is located on the 1st floor of the Academic Services Building (AS-119), in-between the Macintosh Humanities Building (MHB) and the University Library (LIB) on the south end of campus just off 7th Street.