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Faculty Green Thread Workshop

On June 8th, 2017 a group of CSULB faculty participated in the Green Thread Workshop, a program designed to help educators learn strategies for connecting sustainability themes and ideas to core concepts in their own disciplines. The workshop, which was co-facilitated by faculty sustainability champions Ezra LeBank (COTA) and Chris Najera (CBA), was sponsored by the Sustainability Task Force and included interactive activities, a tour of campus sustainability features, and guest speakers. A post-workshop survey revealed that participating faculty intend to implement new strategies for integrating sustainability into their courses as early as this fall!

The Green Thread Initiative is an ongoing program which aims to advance the goal of promoting sustainability and climate literacy in our students, a key component of the Second Nature Climate Commitments to which CSULB is a signatory.  To learn more about the Green Thread and how you can sign up for future workshops, contact