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Project Information and Updates

Major Projects in Construction:

Projects in Progress


Housing Expansion Phase 1 – Parkside North Housing

Summary:   The new Parkside North Housing project is the first phase of the Housing Expansion project.  The proposed residential facility will be a 124,892 GSF 3 and 4-story building which will provide an additional 476 beds to the current CSULB student housing program.  In addition to student dorm rooms the building will offer pod study rooms, kitchens, multiple levels of community space and distinctive outdoor courtyard space.  The new housing project is to be a “home away from home” experience that is not just meant to be a place to live but a way of life.  The project is to set a new standard for CSU and higher education as well as provide a model for future high performance buildings that aim towards the CSU’s carbon neutrality 2030 goals.  The Parkside North Housing building design aims to reach the most progressive and regenerative sustainability goals which will contribute to this project as being the first Net-Zero Energy, Living Building Challenge Petal Certified, and LEED Platinum residential building in the CSU system. ​

  • Project Construction Cost:              $70 million
  • Construction Start Date:                 August 2019
  • Construction Completion Date:      May 2021
  • Project Delivery Method:                Collaborative Design-Build
  • Architect:                                         Gensler
  • Design-Builder:                               McCarthy Building Co.
  • University Design and Construction Team:               
    • Martin Grant, Program Manager, Capital Construction
    • Monica Amalfitano, Associate Director/Campus Engineer
    • Lisa Salgado, Construction Project Manager
    • Karin Montgomery, Project Engineer
    • Tom Sanchez, Inspector of Record

Render of the front of the new Parkside North Housing

Render of the Interior Courtyard of the new Parkside North Housing



Psychology Curtain Wall Replacement

Summary:   This project is replacing the aging Curtain Wall system at the Psychology building. The replacement Curtain Wall will preserve the historic aesthetics of the Psychology building. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be slightly affected but access will be maintained. Signage will be posted to direct pedestrian traffic and alternate accessible routes will be available.

  • Project Cost (Construction GMP): $4,961,679
  • Construction Start Date: July 2, 2019
  • Construction Completion Date: March 20, 2020
  • Project Delivery Method: Collaborative Design-Build
  • Architect: DLR Group
  • Design-Builder: Swinerton Builders
  • University Design and Construction Team:
    • Jason Chao, Project Manager
    • Rafael Quezon, Construction Manager
    • Chris Peterson,  Project Engineer
    • Ed Puga,  Inspector of Record
    • Roberto Rodriguez-Garzon, Student Intern

Project Updates:

September 13, 2019

The following events are scheduled to take place next week, September 14, 2019 through September 20, 2019 for the CSULB Psychology Building Curtain Wall Replacement Project:

Upcoming Construction Activities that may affect adjacent buildings next to the Psychology Buildings

The following activities will take place next week and will cause noise (mostly in the evenings). These activities will not be a constant noise, but will be at random short intervals and is not anticipated to be at a level that would be disruptive.

  • The contractor will be delivering and staging large, new window assemblies for the curtain wall.  Large equipment and materials will be moving into and out of the central courtyard. The majority of these moves should occur prior to 8 a.m. but exiting of equipment may occur during class hours.

The following activities will take place next week and will cause noise. We will keep a diligent watch on the noise that is emitted in order to keep it under Campus regulations.

  • Swinerton will be installing the large window assemblies on the primarily on the fourth floor at the south building. However, they will likely be craning the remaining east assemblies on all the floors by the end of the week.  The work will include drilling bolt holes and torqueing bolts into the slab to secure the window assemblies to the building. The majority of the work has been performed prior to 8 a.m. but has carried over into class time during the week. Should the work be too disruptive, we may need to move to the weekends to be completed.

This next week all deliveries to the central quad will be scheduled between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M.

  • Deliveries of large window assemblies and all materials will be ongoing throughout the week early in the morning.

There will be work this weekend.

  • Contractor will not be working this weekend of Saturday September 14.

Please email or contact me at (562) 825-8698 for any questions or comments.



Render of end result of replacing the aging Curtain Wall on the Psychology Building



Microbiology HVAC

Summary:  This project consists of replacing the existing HVAC system in the Microbiology building.  The existing fan coil units that are located along the external walkways are beyond their lifetime and no longer energy efficient.  The units at each level will be replaced with new units.  The heating and chilled water piping will also be replaced.  Other improvements include painting the building exterior walls and handrails and replacing the exterior fascia.

  • Project Cost:  $9,099,000 million overall project cost
  • Construction Start Date:  September 20, 2019
  • Construction Completion Date: July 20, 2020
  • Project Delivery Method:  Collaborative Design - Build
  • Architect: DLR Group
  • Design-Builder:  Swinerton Builders
  • University Design and Construction Team:
    • Stephanie Gutierrez, Project Manager
    • Rafael Quezon, Construction Manager
    • Chris Peterson, Project Engineer
    • Dana Morley, Project Engineer
    • Danny Blakely, Inspector of Record



Brotman Hall Suite 123 Enrollment Services Phase 3

Summary:   Suite 123 will undergo a complete renovation.  The area will still be used for office space, but it will be gutted in order to accommodate a new space efficient layout that consists of some private offices, many open work stations, two huddle areas, two conference rooms, and a  break room. The lighting fixtures and mechanical ductwork will be replaced to accommodate the new layout of the space, and there will be all new interior finishes, including office furniture.

  • Project Cost:  $5,179,880 overall project cost
  • Construction Start Date:  October 1, 2019
  • Construction Completion Date: April 30, 2020
  • Project Delivery Method:  Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
  • Architect: Cuningham Group
  • Construction Manager at Risk:  Swinerton Builders
  • University Design and Construction Team:
    • Stephanie Gutierrez, Project Manager
    • Marie-Jeanne Ayoub, Construction Manager
    • Dana Morley, Project Engineer
    • Tammy Hinds, Inspector of Record

Brotman Hall  Room 123 for Enrollment Services Rendering

Brotman Hall  Room 123 for Enrollment Services Rendering