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ATI Web Accessibility Subcommittee


  • Joan Preston, Web Accessibility Coordinator, Information Technology Services, Subcommittee Chair
  • Janet Foster, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • Madeleine McJones, Web Master, College of Business Administration
  • Robert Moushon, Web Administrator, Academic Technology Services
  • Kierstin Stickney, Director of Marketing and Communication, 49er Shops


Access to the Internet and its resources, including web sites, web applications and digital content, are considered areas where the ADA applies, making Internet accessibility a priority for the CSU. Substantial progress has been made in ensuring that CSULB’s administrative web pages are fully ADA-compliant. Guidance for faculty in building their pages will be made available.

Initial goals include developing processes for auditing, monitoring and re-mediating web sites; establishing accountability and documentation procedures; determining exceptions and developing, documenting and communicating the equally effective alternate form of access that will be provided; and developing a strategy to ensure that new web sites and web content incorporate accessibility in the design and authoring process.