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corpse flower ready to bloom
Update: May 22, 2019 Phil is slowly advancing to full bloom and is again on display between HSCI and MLSC. The spathe (large petal) is starting to deepen into the deep burgundy color that will fully display during the bloom. The expectation is that the bloom will begin in tomorrow's early morning hours. Phil will be on display again tomorrow. Check out @CSULBSciMath on Twitter for updates.
IIRMES staff in the lab
Hosted by the Center for Education in Proteomic Analysis (CEPA)
Gain hands-on training and experience in proteomic analysis. Registration required.
13th International Polychaete Conference. Long Beach, California
Hosted by the International Polychaetology Association and co-organized by CSULB and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
The 13th International Polychaete Conference (IPC 13) will take place on the historic oceanliner, the RMS Queen Mary on August 4-9, 2019.