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AMBA XIV Students Travel to Tel Aviv – Leeana Nguyen

MBA Students

The tour to Jerusalem was very eye-opening for me as well as the rest of the AMBA XIV cohort. From the artwork to the continuum of the ongoing discovery of ancient architecture, I find Israel old yet modern. As a young nation of only 70 years old, the technological advancements and what the government is doing for its people, surprised me the most. From visiting companies such as IBM and Temi (the robot pictured above), we got a glimpse into the creativity and contributions Israelis are giving to the world.

Outside of the organized events, a small group of us were able to discover an underground castle in Akko and went to the Bahai Garden. It was such a beautiful experience. The deep history intertwined with the current timeline made us all feel small. We learned and experienced what Israel, both Jews and Arabs, have to offer the world as well as our education.

Tel Avi Students

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