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BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity

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 Passing the TorchSummer Internships Expand Scholars’ Horizons

Sept. 7, 2016:  Part Three: Passing the Torch: While away in summer internships, CSULB BUILD Scholars learned a few valuable lessons they could pass on to the next wave of Scholars. First, internships don’t happen by themselves. Students need to take steps to make them happen. “Best advice I can give anyone is to make sure you APPLY!” said Gina Vimbela, a Chemical Engineering major who interned at Brown University.

Summer Internships Expand Scholars’ Horizons, Part TwoSummer Internships Expand Scholars’ Horizons

Sept. 2, 2016:  Part Two: Preparing for Graduate School: Graduate school is very different than undergraduate school. A summer internship can give students a better understanding of what that next step will look like, especially because they’ll more than likely be working alongside graduate students. CSULB BUILD Scholars who took the opportunity to participate in internships around the country – and the world – discovered that the experience helped them better prepare for the next step in their academic career.

Summer Internships Expand Scholars’ Horizons Summer Internships Expand Scholars’ Horizons

Sept. 1, 2016:  Part One: Lessons Learned: While one group of CSULB BUILD Scholars were participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Gateway to Excellence (SURGE) program here on campus, others were working in internships throughout the country and across the globe. Summer internships were as close as University of California Irvine (UCI) and University of California San Diego, and as far flung as University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Argentina, and New Zealand. While each Scholar had a unique experience, many learned a few universal lessons.

Capitalizing on Cultural CapitalCapitalizing on Cultural Capital

Aug. 31, 2016:  The knowledge, experience and heritage you bring to the table, in part, make up your cultural capital. In a recent workshop held for CSULB BUILD, Associates learned about how their cultural capital can help them become better researchers, bringing unique perspectives to health-related research.