Students eagerly return to campus

Published January 22, 2018


The bookstore has been stocked with textbooks, notebooks and Beach sweatshirts. The campus grounds are pruned, swept and mowed. Teachers had prepared with syllabuses for the semester, while classrooms were spruced up.

Welcome to Spring semester 2018.

Thousands of students filtered onto campus today to begin the second semester of the academic year, some with eager anticipation, some with dread, but mostly with excitement.

“I am excited actually,” said Alan Pulido, a freshman business/finance major. “I kept myself busy during the break with work, but I missed school for some reason. I don’t really know why.”

Brooke Ribet, a freshman communications major, said she knew why she got to school early Monday. “I like learning so it’s good to be back.”

Professor Unna Lassiter has been teaching geography for 20 years, but looks forward to the first day of any semester. She said she is armed with updated content for her three courses.

“I love to meet my students, so yes, I’m eager for the first day,” Lassiter said.

As usual for the start of any semester, long lines for books and other necessities were expected at the University Bookstore. Longer lines for parking also were evident as students searched for open spaces. 

Once students have acclimated themselves to the routine of school, they can enjoy the two-day Week of Welcome event in the Quad next week. Week of Welcome, held Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 from 11 a.m. to -2 p.m., spotlights student organizations, clubs and other resources offered at the university.