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The Anna W. Ngai Alumni & Visitor Center

Why is it important to build an Alumni and Visitor Center?

Not only must we serve our fast-growing alumni family, we must also be prepared to help the next generation of alumni — today's students — succeed in an evolving employment landscape. Embracing these responsibilities, and recognizing that alumni represent the strengths and virtues of our university, CSULB has identified the creation of a new alumni and visitor center as an important step forward in the history of this great university.

The Alumni and Visitor Center:

  • Will bring students and alumni together for career development, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
  • Will be a venue for learning, engagement, and entrepreneurial activities.
  • One-of-a-kind special event and gathering space for community and campus groups.
  • Will be one of the first major Net-Zero, 100% sustainable buildings for CSULB.


Alumni and Visitor Center Floor Plan

The building will be easily accessible at the corner of Atherton Street and Merriam Way, in close proximity to the Walter Pyramid and the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. Ample parking will be available

Planned components include a banquet/conference center, an executive board room, a garden-like courtyard, an alumni showcase lounge and den/library featuring 49er memorabilia and alumni exhibits, a Traditions hall, an Alumni hall, and more.

Conceptual rendering of an interior area of Alumni and Visitor Center
Conceptual rendering of an interior area of the Alumni and Visitor Center