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Regional Alumni

CSULB is taking our Beach Pride on the Road

CSULB is proud to have served over 310,000 students who have become part of the 49'er alumni family. With over 250,000 alumni living and working across the country, chances are there are fellow alumni in your area. Roll over your state on the map below to learn how many alumni live in your state, then follow–up with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to join our expanding CSULB alumni network.

Map of Alumni

Map of Alumni in your area

Over 44,228  members of our Beach Family live outside of California. Chances are there is a CSULB grad in, or near, your hometown. Learn the number of CSULB alumni in your area.

Harness the power of Facebook and LinkedIn to network with CSULB in your area! Did you know that over 5,571 alumni across the country are fans of the CSULB Alumni Association Facebook page and over 8,459 have joined us on LinkedIn? Whether you live in a remote area of the country or a metropolis, we are here to help you re–connect and stay connected to the Beach and your alumni family!

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