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When some think about making content accessible, they may feel intimidated.  Some wonder what accessibility is, where to start, or where to find information. A good place to start to learn about accessibility is with training.  CSULB offers website and document remediation training to help CSULB websites and documents become more accessible to all users.

Website Training


Web Administrators and Web Developers

There are three initial required trainings for web adminstrators and web developers:

  1. Web Accessibility: What the Heck is it?
  2. Manual Accessibility Training
  3. Compliance Deputy Install for Chrome

In the future, there will be various trainings held to ensure Web Admins and Web Developers are kept abreast of current accessibility practices and policies. Communication of these trainings will take place through the WebComm listserv.  To take training or to be added to the WebComm list, contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator.

For an in-depth tutorial, see Introduction to Web Accessibility – Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM)

Content Administrators and Content Editors

If you are adding content to a website, you are required take Web Content Training:

  1. Web Accessibility: What the Heck is it?
  2. Compliance Deputy Install for Chrome

This training provides information on Web Accessibility and why it is important to make sure pages are accessible. It also includes how to use the Compliance Deputy Tool or WAVE tool to review content that was added to the page.  

To sign up for the Web Accessibility training, please contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator.

Document Training

Before creating documents for the web, like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe PDFs, Accessibility 101 must be taken by anyone who will post content to any CSULB website. Please see the Document Remediation Process Checklist (PDF) for steps to take to post documents.


In-person Document Training

To receive an Document Accessibility 101 certificate, you must attend the in-person training. This training is open to faculty and staff.

ITS Software Training Services Calendar

Staff Document Training Videos

After taking in-person training, there are refresher videos available to assist users on the various techiques on making content accessible.  

Document Accessibility Training Videos

Faculty Document Training Videos

For faculty members, the AIM Center provides training videos on BeachBoard. Contact the AIM Center for access.

Adobe PDF Form Training

Creating PDF forms follow the same rules as creating PDF documents, but with an added layer of accessibility specific to forms. To setup training contact Kerri Sorenson .

Purchasing Training

Certain electronic and technology products that are purchased on campus, including hardware and software, must be reviewed by the Procurement Department. End-users purchasing Electronic and Information Technology (E & IT) products that require ATI compliance can use the Quick Reference Guide to better understand this process. 


Procurement ATI Training Video

To learn more about the Purchasing process watch the Procurement ATI Training Video. For other accessibility information pertaining to Purchasing, see Procurement ATI Compliance.

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Electronic and Information Technology Checklist

Products that fall into the restricted categories are required to address the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) before being purchased. Contact Purchasing for more information.