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Policy Statement - 99-08 Business Administration, Master of

Master of Business Administration 

These revised program requirements were recommended by the Academic Senate 
on February 4, 1999 and concurred by the President on March 23, 1999.


    I.    First Year Core        0-12 
    II.   Second Year Core       21 
    III.  Advanced Study            9 
    IV.  Capstone Course           3 
    V.    Integrative                      4 
    Total Units                     37-49

    Student who have not had economics course prior to entering the MBA program must complete an economics course as a condition to obtaining an MBA degree.

I.     First Year Core:   Common Body of Knowledge 
        Waivers of First Year Core are based upon previous educational background at either a graduate or undergraduate level.  Information on waivers may be obtained from the College of Business Administration, MBA Office.  Students who have not met the entire common body of knowledge requirements prior to admission to the MBA Program will be required to enroll in the appropriate First Year Core courses.  This core must be completed before enrollment in the Second Year Core:  ACCT 500, FIN 500, MGMT 500, MKTG 500.

II.     Advancement to Candidacy

III.    Second Year Core 
          Upon completion of the First Year Core, either by waiver or graduate coursework, students move directly into the Second Year Core.  (See section on Advancement to Candidacy).  This core consists of seven courses (21) units which provide the breadth requirements for the MBA degree at the advanced level: ACCT 610, FIN 631, HRM 652, IS 601, IS 602, MGMT 647, MKTG 661.

IV.     Advanced Study 
General MBA 
            The General MBA is designed for students with an undergraduate business degree or any other student desiring a more broad-based MBA curriculum.  The general MBA normally requires 9 units of graduate coursework in three different areas within the College of Business Administration subject to approval by the MBA Office.

            The specializations require 9 units of graduate course work in one area, one second year course and three electives.  Each specialization should be planned in consultation with the MBA Office.  Specializations are available in the following areas:

V.       Capstone Course: GBA 699 Integrated Analysis 
            Students must obtain a grade of "B" or better in GBA 699 in order to receive an MBA degree.

VI.     Time Limitation 
            All courses on the official student program must be completed within seven years of the commencement of the first class toward fulfillment of the Second Year Core requirement.

VII.    Writing Proficiency Examination

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1999

        Code: 7-2701 
        College: 41 
        Career: GR 
        IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 5011 
        IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 5011