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Policy Statement - 94-08 Anthropology, M.A. in, Option in Applied Anthropology

Master Of Arts In Anthropology Option In Applied Anthropology (code 5-8506) 

This Option was approved by the Academic Senate on May 12, 1994 and approved by the President on May 24, 1994

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate work in applied anthropology leading to a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology. Students with a B.A. in Anthropology, as well as those who can apply their previous training and experience to the practice of anthro pology, are welcomed to apply. In order to meet the growing demand in California and elsewhere for professionals capable of addressing the complex problems of multicultural urban and regional environments, the Applied Anthropology Program emphasizes specialized training concurrently with knowledge of anthropological theory. All graduate students participate in local research projects and internships. Within the general context of urban and regional development, the particular focus areas of the program include such concerns as multicultural education, poverty, medical/health care, immigrant adjustment, ethnic conflict, crime, and waste and resource management. Regional emphasis is on southern California and the Southwest. 

(1) A bachelor's degree in anthropology; or 

(2) A bachelor's degree with 24 units of upper division courses in anthropology, comparable to those required of anthropology majors at this University; or 

(3) A bachelor's degree in another field, either a social science, humanity, education, or medical science one, with fewer than 24 units of upper division course work in anthropology, showing evidence of strong potential skills in applied anthropology. 

Students under category (3) should submit a petition together with whatever supporting materials recommended by the Graduate Coordinator. If the Graduate Student Committee considers an applicant to lack a basic understanding of anthropological theories and methods, such an applicant will be accepted provisionally into the program (as an unclassified post- baccalaurete student), in which case he/she will be advised to enroll in courses during the first semester recommended by the Committee. Providing that the student performs satisfactorily in these courses, he/she will be admitted into the program the following semester, gaining classified status, and credit will be given for those courses completed the previous semester that are required for the Master of Arts degree. 

Advancement to Candidacy: 
(1) Classified status; 

(2) Satisfaction of the general University requirements for advancement to candidacy; 

(3) Approval of the candidate's graduate program by the departmental graduate advisor. 

Requirements for the Master of Arts (Applied Anthropology Option): 

The student must complete a minimum of 39 units of upper division and graduate courses in a program approved by the Gradute Coordinator. Note: Students may substitute other courses for those normally required, but only with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator and the Director of the Applied Program. 

(1) 501, 505, 510, 517, 522, 560A, 560B, 675, 698; 

(2) Three upper division/graduate elective courses related to the student's main research interest. At least one of the three electives must be taken outside the Department of Anthropology; 

(3) Satisfy the language or special skill requirement. Each student will be considered individualy in relation to this requirement, which must be satisfied before he or she begins work on the thesis; 

(4) Undertake and satisfactorily complete, under the supervision of the committee, a Thesis. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1994