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Policy Statement - 94-03 Computer Science, Minor in

This academic policy was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 3, 1994 and received the concurrence of the President on April 4, 1994. 

Minor in Computer Science (code 0-4011)

The minor in Computer Science is designed to prepare students in other majors for careers in a wide variety of fields which require computer science expertise. 

Requirements for the Minor in Computer Science 

A minimum of 22 units, of which at least 11 units must be upper division. Students must complete one of the course sequences listed below plus two additional approved upper division CECS courses. (ENGR 350 may be used as an approved upper division course.) 

(1) CECS 242, 342, 174, and 274 (suitable for Math, Physics, and Engineering majors); or 

(2) CECS 174, 274, 275, and 325 (suitable for Business majors and all others). 

Effective: Fall 1994