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Policy Statement - 91-06 Business Administration, School of, Option in International Business

The School of Business Administration Option in International Business (code 3-2703) 

The program described below was approved by the President on May 1, 1991.

The objective of the international business option is to prepare students for the increasingly competitive and interdependent international business world with which they must cope. There is great and growing need for American business school graduates to be better informed about how to compete and do business outside the United States as well as in the U. S. market where much of their competition is from foreign firms. Students need to understand how international business practices and customs differ from those in the U. S. They need at least some familiarity with a language other than English as well as with cultural diversity and world geography. 

International Business Option Requirements: 

(1)FIN 424 

(2)FIN 490 

(3)HRM 495 

(4)MGMT 405 

(5)MGMT 406 

(6)MKTG 480 

(7)MKTG 481 

(8)One year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) of a language important in international business, approved as such by the Director of the International Business Option. This requirement may be met prior to entering the SBA. 

(9)Choice of the language will determine the country or geographic area of the world about which the student must study to the extent of a minimum of 4 courses (12 units). These will be in lieu of 12 other elective units, and can be double counted as part of the student's general education requirement. 

EFFECTIVE: Immediately