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Policy Statement - 87-06 Pupil Personnel Services Internship Program

The following policy was  recommended by the 
Academic Senate in its meeting of May 7, 1987, 
and received the concurrence of the President on 
May 19, 1987.  The Commission on Teacher 
Credentialing approved this program on August 3, 1987.


        The Pupil Personnel Services Credential Program offered at California State University, Long Beach plans ot offer an Internship Program in cooperation with approved public school districts starting with the Fall Semester.

Purpose of the Program

        The Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Internship Program provides an opportunity for selected qualified individuals to be employed as full-time counselors in approved public school districts and concurrently meet California State University, Long Beach requirements in professional education.  The internship is for graduate students who have had considerable experience an demonstrated potential for functioning successfully as a counselor in a K-12 grade school, but have not completed the professional education courses required for the basic PPS credential.  The internship requirements are consistent with the current basic PPS credential training program, but allow the student who (1) has been accepted into the Internship Program CSULB, (2) has complete 12 semester units of specified counselor core courses, and (3) has been selected by a designated school district to be eligible for the position of intern counselor.

Admission Criteria for the PPS Internship Program at CSULB

        Each applicant for the Internship Program must file and meet both the standard set (1) in the official Application for Admission to the Counselor Education-School Psychology Program and (2) for Admission to the PPS Internship Program.

        Once accepted for the Internship Program, each applicant must file an application for the Internship Credential with supporting documents and fees through the Credential Processing Office at CSULB.

Each applicant for the Internship Program must:

1.    hold a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education

2.    have earn the GPA required for admission to the Graduate School of Education, and must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in good standing in the program;

3.    submit three letters of recommendation specifying and evaluating the candidate's activities in school-related experiences;

4.    pass the GRE and WPE requirements (which are the same as required by the GSE);

5.    submit a personal statement, focused on the following points:

a.    describe how your past experiences with family, friends, education, work, and leisure have contributed to your being a desirable candidate for the fields of school counseling and/or school psychology;

b.    describe your perception of the counseling roles and functions, which exemplify your career goal, including setting, relationships with other disciplines, and activities;

c.    describe yourself candidly as you see yourself as a person (identify your strengths and weakness in physical, emotional, social, intellectual and productive aspects);

d.    describe your educational, work, and volunteer experiences, along with your interpersonal relationships, interests, and special skills;

e.    indicate the experiences and information that have influenced your decision to select this professional goal.

6.    posses a Certificate of Clearance verifying your personal identification and good moral character;

7.    complete a personal interview with one or more members of the Counselor Education faculty;

8.    pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST);

9.    verify experience in a school situation (some school districts give preference to students with teaching experience);

10.   submit completed application for the PPS Internship Program for action by the Counselor Education-School Psychology Admissions Committee;

11.   receive approval by CSULB and by the designated school district;

12.   have an offer of employment on the Internship Credential by a designated school district;

13.   submit complete application for the Internship Credential with supporting documents and fees; and

14.   obtain a PPS Internship Credential prior to internship counseling. 

(Suggested Sequence for Meeting AUHSD/GGUSD Intern Program Requirement)

*        All Courses to be taken before the internship credential. 
**      Point of eligibility and placement as a intern counselor.


*        Ed.P. 430        Principles of Counseling and Guidance 
          Ed.P. 350        Survey of Education of Exceptional Individuals

*        Ed.P. 533        Counseling Theory 
          Ed.P. 555        Educational and Counseling in a Cross-Cultural Setting

*        Ed.P. 632        Seminar in School Counseling (or Ed.P. 631, Seminar in School Counseling) 
          Ed.P. 604        Seminar in Human Development (or Ed.P. 605, Seminar in School of Learning)

*        Ed.P. 537        Career Counseling

           Ed.P. 536        Consultation in Counseling Services 
           Ed.P. 541        General Case Practice and Field Work

           Ed.P. 532        Group Counseling 
           Ed.P. 545        Pupil Personnel Practicum

           Ed.P. 615        Seminar in Home-School-Community Relations 
           Ed.P. 639        Seminar in Organization of Pupil Personnel Services 
           Ed.P. 642B      Field Work--Counseling

           Ed.P. 520        Program Evaluation and Research 
           Ed.P. 695        Seminar in Professional Development in Counseling and Human Services 
           Ed.P. 642B      Field Work--Counseling

Courses that must be taken before or during the period of the internship credential and prior to the granting of the BASIC Credential:

           Ed.P. 310        (or 302) Child Development (Adolescent Development) and Learning 
           Ed.P. 305        Educational Psychology 
           Ed.P. 311        Mental Hygiene 
           Ed.P. 419        Educational Statistics 
           Ed.P. 420        Tests, Measurement, and Evaluations

Responsibilities of Participating District

           The participating school district has the following responsibilities:

1.    to assist in the screening of interns for the University program;

2.    to screen and employ the qualified interns as counselors;

3.    to determine the salary of each intern in accordance with district policies;

4.    to assign each intern her/his professional duties (arrangements must be made for the intern to have experiences at two grade levels and in a cross-culture setting);

5.    to participate as needed in the activities of Intern Program Council or Advisory Committees as appropriate; and

6.    to assume appropriate responsibilities for preparing the intern for full credentialing, including advising, supervising, evaluating, and recommending the intern for the clear credential.


        The PPS Internship Program Evaluation Plan will be conducted by the GSE in cooperation with designated school districts.  The evaluation plan will include the following components:

1.    evaluation of candidates prior to admission to the program;

2.    continuing evaluation during the period of internship counseling;

3.    final evaluation prior to recommendation for the BASIC PPS Credential;

4.    follow-up of graduates; and

5.    evaluation of the program.