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Policy Statement - 85-11 Travel and Tourism, Certificate in Administration of

The following academic program was recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of April 11, 1985 and received the concurrance of the President on May 6, 1985. 


Travel and tourism is a very large and growing field for which there are usually many opportunities for well-trained individuals. The certificate program provides instruction in the history and theoretical bases of tourism, including its economics, psychology, and sociology as well as the political and legal aspects. The fundamentals of business, food and food service technology, the performing arts, and resources management are themes throughout the program. 

Students may earn a Certificate in Administration of Travel and Tourism concurrently with or subsequent to a baccalaureate degree. The program is open to students in all majors. 

Standards and Program Requirements: 

A. To be eligible for admission a student must have an overall gradepoint average of 2.5. A student must maintain a 2.5 gradepoint average in all courses taken for the certificate. 

B. Only REC 481 and 484 may be taken for CR/NC grading. 

C. Prerequisites: For REC 481: Permission of the instructor and 1,500 paid or volunteer hours of experience in a recognized travel/tourism situation, or REC 484; other course prerequisites as listed. 

D. Course Requirements: 

A total of 24 to 27 semester units as follows: REC 326, 450, 481, 490 or 499, GEOG 352; 

Electives: Six units of upper-division courses listed in the University catalog under the "Regional" category in the Department of Geography; three additional upper-division units selected in consultation with the Program advisor. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1985