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Policy Statement - 85-02 Social Work, Master of

The subject curriculum was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 19, 1983, authorized by the Chancellor on December 27, 1984, and approved for implementation by the President on January 11, 1985. 


The overall mission of the Master of Social Work Program is to prepare social work students and practitioners for advanced entry into specialized social work practice. The specific objectives of the program are as follows: to provide a unique program which serves the needs of the Southern California community; to provide professional training in the areas of high-risk populations, i.e., the sick, elderly, children, mentally ill, handicapped, Indo-Chinese refugees, Pacific Asian-Americans, Mexican- Americans, Black, Native American, and others; to provide instruction with a cross-cultural perspective; to provide concentrated instruction in Health and Mental Health and in Services to Children, Youth, Adults, and the Aged; and, to provide understanding and awareness of the values and ethics within the social work field. 

Admission -- 

To be admitted to graduate work on a full-time or part-time basis in the Master of Social Work program, applicants must meet the following criteria: 

1) Hold a Bachelor's degree from a university or college of recognized standing and be eligible for admission to graduate standing at CSULB. 

2) Have the professional and intellectual ability to perform graduate work satisfactorily. A cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 2.75 or above (on the 4.0 scale) on the last sixty-units attempted is required for admission to the Program. 

3) Results of the Graduate Record Examination must be presented at the time of admission. 

4) Applicants working in a paid or unpaid social work employment setting must have their current employment evaluated for Practicum credit in advance of enrollment. 

5) Admission interviews may be required by the Program faculty. 

6) A copy of all college/university transcripts (in addition to those provided the University) and personal letters of recommendation must be presented to the department prior to admission. 

* Applicants with deficiencies in pre-professional preparation may be admitted as "Conditionally Classified" students. All students must be fully "Classified" before seeking Advancement to Candidacy for the degree. 

** Students with a B.S.W. from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program, who pass a waiver examination may be eligible to waive up to 12 semester units of course work. 

*** The Department of Social Work will reject an applicant or disqualify an enrolled student whose record of academic achievement or performance in field instruction does not meet the minimum standards of the profession. 

Advancement to Candidacy -- 

A Conditionally Classified or fully Classified student must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on all courses taken subsequent to admission. In addition, a g.p.a. of 3.0 must be maintained in all courses required for the degree. A student will be eligible for advancement to candidacy for the degree after successful completion of 12 units of graduate level courses in Social Work. 

Requirements for the Degree -- 

The Master of Social Work Program requires the completion of 60 semester units, taken in sequence as follows: 

Term I - SW 500, 503, 505, 596A, 597; 
Term II - SW 550, 560 or 561, 592, 594, 596B; Term III - SW 660 or 661, 680A, 693, 697, and one elective course; Term IV - SW 670 or 671, 680B, 681, 698, and one elective course. 

Term I - 503, 505; Term II - 550, 594; 
Term III - 500, 596A, 597; Term IV - 560 or 561, 592, 596B; 
Term V - 660 or 661, 680A, 693; Term VI - 670 or 671, 680B, 681; 
Term VII - 697, elective; Term VIII - 698, elective. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1985