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Policy Statement - 84-05 Transportation Policy & Planning, Graduate Certificate Program in

The following curricular program was recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of October 4, 1984 and received the concurrence of the President on October 12, 1984. 

SUBJECT: Graduate Certificate Program in Transportation Policy 
and Planning

The purpose of this certificate program is to provide instruction in the skills and knowledge appropriate to professional activity in transportation policy and planning for urban transportation, transportation regulation, aviation, and seaport transportation. Key support areas include urban planning, policy analysis, environmental policy, intergovernmental policy, personnel policy, and grants administration. 

This certificate program is designed for those who are qualified to take courses in the graduate Public Policy and Administration program (see Required preparation and background, below). Students may complete this course of studies as a part of the Master of Public Administration program or separately for the Certificate, without obtaining the master's degree. A total of six units from a completed Master of Public Administration/ Public Affairs degree may be applied to the Certificate program. 

Fifteen units of credit earned in the Certificate program may be applied, without restriction, to a Master of Public Administration degree program, after formal admission to the degree program. 

Required preparation and background: 

1. An undergraduate degree in Public Administration or equivalent preparation for graduate study in Public Administration. 

2. Admission to the University as a post-baccalaureate or graduate student. 

3. An undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 (minimum), or 3.0 in the last 60 units attempted. A student whose overall undergraduate average is less than 2.75 but who presents acceptable evidence of professional potential shown through recent academic performance and experiential background may be admitted by special action. 

4. Employment in the public service or related activities, or a goal of public service-related activities. 

5. Approval of the Dean of the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration. 

Requirements for the Certificate: 

A total of six courses (18 semester units) is required in the Certificate program, as follows: 

A. Required courses: (three) 

PPA 550 - Urban Transportation Policy and Planning 
PPA 551 - Transportation Regulatory Public Policy 
PPA 552 - Airport Policy and Management, OR 
PPA 553 - Seaport Policy and Management (the course not taken as a required course may be taken as an elective) 

B. Elective courses: (three selected from the following) 

PPA 535 - Intergovernmental Administration 
PPA 540 - Grants Administration & Management 
PPA 545 - Comprehensive Urban Planning 
PPA 575 - Public Sector Employer-Employee Relations 
PPA 590 - Environmental Public Policy 
PPA 670 - Public Policy Analysis 
C E (Civil Engineering) 506 - Engineering Economics of Complex Systems 
C E 520 - Airport and Harbor Engineering 
C E 521 - Seaport Planning and Design 
C E 522 - Transportation Planning 
ECON 636- Urban and Regional Analysis 
ECON 690- Transportation Economics 
MGMT 541- Industrial Logistics 
MKTG (Marketing) 664 - Seminar in Transportation 

Other requirements: 

A grade point average of 3.0 (minimum) must be maintained for all courses taken for the Certificate program. Courses in which a final grade of "D" has been assigned are not acceptable for the Certificate program. 

EFFECTIVE: Immediately